Monday, September 8, 2014

I've kind of always thought that being about it was better than talking about IT. And I've never really been a talker. But speaking what I want into existence isn't such a bad thing either.
I guess balance is the challenge.

Meditationary thoughts n shit.
Meditation time: 10 minutes

Tuesday, September 2, 2014


I was gone for a minute, now I'm back.

Morning meditation:
Lasted 8 minutes. 😣
Checked my email and Instagram and tried again. Lasted 5 minutes.

Imma try not to make this a Jack Handy lookin-ass/Drake writing-ass-blog but today I feel like it. My memory is short so lemme write a couple things that came to me as I focused on this breathing. In no particular order:

See, I forgot the first thing already. Shit!

Don't lay in temptation. Literally or figuratively. Mostly figuratively tho. 😎

I'm such a work in progress but I have to get a hold on these nerves.

I was supposed to focus on love and my breathing but that didn't happen. There's a mountain of other things floating around my brain.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

The right meditation soundtrack......

Still haven't found one. From what my meditating homies tell me, its kind of important. A soundtrack would make focusing much easier than dead silence or my neighbors howling dog. Just like cleaning my crib or DRIVING is easier when music is playing I guess.

Anywho, I broke down like a simp and not a pimp while meditating. On a regular day I'm all "can't cry about what is and what what was so just k.i.m." And I'm old enough to recognize suppressing my undesirable feelings don't make them go away, they just get saved for later. Meditation is making me live in whatever I'm feeling at the moment. I still don't know how I feel about that. Never thought it would be so hard to practice my feelings and shit.

----"My heart don't pump no slushie" tho. 
:-) BigBoi-Y'all scared

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

My nerves bad.

Can't say I have been keeping to my promise to myself to meditate @ least 3 Xs a week.... But everyday is brand today. So let's get it! ...

But yeah, I been cussin at people in traffic again. This cussing thing is not conducive to my meditation tho. Lawdy, I need one vice......what's left?�� F that. I ain't quitting. Cussing cuts out verboseness so it is purposeful.

25 minutes rite now!

Saturday, March 22, 2014


At some point I am going to change the name of this blog or put a disclaimer somewhere at the top so folk dont feel bamboozled if they happen up on this here blog. Still love shoes, but I moved my shoe photography/love to Instagram: @indiestroll. Technology changed on a sista(h).

Anywho, I meditated today.  Still not on a consistent schedule but I felt more centered after.  I focused on Gods light today.....where ever that is.  This is something that I struggle with sometimes. I know God is here but sometimes I need a tap on the shoulder.  I'm a visual person. Especially when me and my family are going thru tough times.  So yeah, this is something I'm going to practice and incorporate with my breathing until I fee like Gods light, where ever it is, is still sitting on my shoulder all day. 

Obstacles to meditation today were: dog downstairs barked a lil, not much this time.  I can now guess beforehand howmany times the train conductor is going to honk the horn, depends on if its a freight or Metra. My phone. My phone NEVER rings like this.  People must of felt me aligning my chakras n shit.

Successes: I was able to focus MUCH better this time.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Woosah Day 1

So I took my first go at meditation today. Interesting. I lasted 22 minutes. No meditation music, it was just my LOUD ass thoughts, the cars going by, two trains going by, and the dog whining downstairs. I generally find stereotypical meditation music to be annoying. But now I see why its needed. I dont have the discipline YET to sit there and not let thoughts roam all over the place and control how I'm feeling in that moment. The goal for today was to focus on my breathing. When other stuff would roam into my thoughts, I would recognize that I wasnt focusing, and fix it. This was extremely challenging and something that I just haven't done unless I'm trying to remember something. I was thinking about EVERYTHING under the sun....just so it wouldn't be silence in my head. I can be in my thoughts alot. I guess all the noise in my head is music when there's none actually playing. I spent the last 5 minutes praying for everybody I know. While I know its a good thing, I wonder if praying positive things into the people you love contradicts the whole purpose of meditation?  Prayer and meditation are both needed, so I have to figure out the balance for me, I see.
The goal is to live 24 hours a day with control over my thoughts and be present in my actions. That's some discipline I have yet had the pleasure of meeting. Now Im not trying to be serious all the time, just present and accounted for ALL the dang ol time. I have a tendency to go with my feelings and then let God. That doesnt always work out well.
Well, God wants me to be more proactive about how I treat myself and others. I do know that! Still sorting through it all but I think I get it! Or pieces of the goal of meditation. My Momma should be so proud! But I aint telling her yet. She be getting mushy and all I TOLD YOU SO. Ill put HER up on game soon ;-)

I sell shoes though.  See me on INDIESTROLL 
or link up with me on instagram: @indiestroll

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

These are a few of my favorite shoes.

Finally got a youtube, talking about my favorite shoes in my collection. If you like, like. I will update my blog today....I'm determined. What yall know good?

Monday, February 3, 2014

This is my first post in a long while, again. Well, what's really new and good with ya'?  Nothing but good vibes for 2014 over here. Really looking to maintain and continue to seek even more happiness and peace. Anybody out there in to meditation. I have been talking about doing it for the past week. I dont know why I'm so scared to experience long periods of silence that require me to listen to myself.  I guess its the city girl in me. This desire to meditate partly sprung from watching a documentary called the Dhamma Brothers where Vapissana meditation was used to transform and rehabilitate men that were inmates at a maximum security prison. Just seeing their newly found focus, discipline, and hapiness that came from it was inspiring.  So I guess I do have a new year's resolution.....late as usual. Oh, one more thing about the docu.  It surprised me how so many people were against anything that might increase the chances of these men reentering society successfully. Meditation is free yet they were getting pushback because the prison was in the Bible Belt.......
Anywho, we'll see how disciplined I am about blogging. I will be using this as a general outlet about everything not just as an outfit mirror and shoe sounding board. OHHHH, almost forgot, I opened up a shoe store and its called: INDIESTROLL.COM
@indiestroll on instagram
All of my picture collections are pretty much on instagram / now. And more than likely if you were following me on here, I probably have already found you there. Love picture blogging!  Hope you are enjoying the new year.

Shoes: Guess Givie - Better Pic:
Jeggings: Hue
Top: Target
Blazer: Target

Monday, October 21, 2013

No more Grands for me. So this past year has been VERY hard to say the least for me. I lost both of my last Grandparents within a 9 month period. It was so hard seeing a HEALTHY 87 year old man go from being a productive man who could drive a vehicle to the store to buy groceries and pay his own bills to being a man laying in a hospital bed. He lived 87 years without a heart attack or stroke and eventually had both within a 30 day time period. His heart was broke. No way I coulda fixed it. His wife of 55+ years was gone. How do you come back from that?  There were times that he tried to play the part of a person who is continuing on. And I wanted to believe him.  I miss him dearly and I'm sure my Momma misses him 5 times over that, but I'm glad that the worst time of his life is over. Really I am.  The 9 months that he was here without his wife was rough for him.

I kinda feel guilty that I couldn't take time off from my job to be with him too. I don't care what anybody says money makes life more easy.  If I wasnt so thirsty for that bi-weekly check, I feel like I could of been there more.
But anyway......
Instagram done took over!!!!!!!!
I think I will be blogging my shoe fantasies from there from now on. Eu te amo de Instagrame! Just call me addicted. Yes, I'm a cereal addict. Yes, I'm a shrimp and seafood addict. YES, I'm a ****S H O E***** addict. So I'mma figure out a way to blog the shoes that I love on a more regular basis than I have been doing via instagram.  I'mma still be here, but not here all the time. I will continue to use my blogger for a vent spot. But if you want to understand my life via SHOES. Holla at my instagram: @indiestroll

Thursday, February 21, 2013


While my goal is to acquire ALL of the sexy ass shoes I come in contact with.....I have to eventually let some go some if I don't wear them.  Below are some DOPE shoes that I have either bought more than a year ago and never worn or that I just haven't worn in more than a year. I even have some shoes that are NO WHERE near in my size that I bought because they didnt have them in my size and I STILL had to have them.  Sumbuddy needs counseling!.  ***sadface***  I figured that someone should love them up if I have come to the sad conclusion that I have no space for them anymore. So I'm just gonna put them up for sale here.  Below each pic is descriptive information and the price.  Shipping across the U.S. is $8.95 for all shoes.  No shipping abroad unfortunately.
If interested, just shoot me an email with the below listed name of the shoe and price:
If this works out I got waaaaaaaay more where these came from.
Also, if you feel more comfortable purchasing them via ebay, I'll list them just. for. you via a fixed price sale. But the whoever pays first rule will still apply!......If you message me on Ebay, my name is culp424.  Keep in mind though when purchsed through this here blog, every shoe listed here is $4.00 cheaper than the prices listed below.  I will be updating this post daily until I have a good amount of shoes listed.

Michael Antonio

 This is a pair of new and in the box Michael Antonio Platform Sandals in a size 7.  The opening at the top is 9" around, the sleek heel is 5 1/2" high, and the platform is 1 1/2" in the front.  The zipper is very well made as it is reinforced with a cover on the back of it to prevent the top of your foot from getting caught in it.  Again, very well made for Michael Antonio. They are a 100% manmade material but they were made very durable.  The top is a black patent material that matches the heel which is carved into a square shape.  The snake print covers the front and platform of the shoe.  Very soft to the touch and a tad narrow for my wide feets.

 Fahrenheit Mila-05 - SIZE 6 1/2 - $35
 Fahrenheit Mila-05

 This is a pair of new in the box comfy yet sky High wedges in a size 6 1/2.  The heels are 5" high, but to compensate the platforms are a little under 2" making these some comfortable pieces of art. The opening around the tops is 11" around when zipped up. Oh, there is  discreet/matching black zipper up the backs of the shoes. I am a true size 7 and these fit just right even though these are a size 6 1/2. They run a 1/2 size large.  The geometric zig-zag print heel is made out of a wicker material and the upper is a canvas fabric.  The soles are felt and there is a piece of rubber on the bottom of the heels for traction.  The felt makes them slippery on hardwood/linoleum surfaces.

 Dollhouse Pitone Flat

  This is a pair of NIB Dollhouse oxfords in size 7.  They are made of a synthetic fabric with a convincing snake print.  They have a 1/2" lift on the heel and the soles are made of rubber with a paisley design scored into it for gripping.  They also have laces on the top.  Very on trend yet classic enough to go with almost everything.

Daniblack Perforated Boots

  This is a pair of stylish new and in the box Daniblack boots in Espresso. With a 3" heel and NO platform they give a little lift to the shorties like me. They also have this micro perforation that adds a little mystery if you were to wear them with no stockings. I bought these in two sizes. Size 7 and 7 1/2 to get a feel for the fit and am selling the size 7.  I am usually a wide size 7 though who fits her tootsies in Med. width shoes.....Oh. also I kind of have legs on the bigger side so the boots stay up over the knee.  I decided to let the 7M go and keep the 7 1/2 so I could wear thick tights under them.  This 7M would actually fit perfectly either a 6 12/2 lady who wanted space to wear tights in the winter or the size 7 woman with thick calves who wants to wear wonder woman style in the spring/summer...or anyone who would want to wear them slouched.  They are made of a versatile thin suede and the top of the shaft is cut into a funky asymmetrical wonderwoman shape.

Chinese Laundry

This is NEW/never worn pair of 4 1/2" wedges made by Chinese Laundry.  They have a 1" platform in the front to ease the incline some.  The wedge is covered in an over-sized polka-dot fabric.  The straps are made of a faux-patent leather material.  The heel has a uniquely thin shaped high wedge at the back.  The bottoms are a light brown scored rubber for great traction.  Very feminine and unique.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Witchy shoes.

What a new year!....New babies are all around but its my first year with no grandmas :-(.....But thank God I have another chance to turn a year older. Eventhough, every day I wake up is another chance.


I said I was going to talk about the Frankenstein shoe phenomenon, but I think we are all familiar. And I will if the feeling hits.  I just want to know when its going to go away.  I'm just not happy with that situation.....unless the platform involves a wedge and then I'm willing to make an exception. lets talk about the witchy shoe phenomenon that I'm loving right now!  I remember about 6 or 8 years ago when pointy shoes were what everybody was wearing.  Then they got dissed by round toe shoes and I thought: "D'ere is a God!"  My wide feets were massively thankful. Then wedges of all kind came in and havent left.  I knew round toe shoes couldnt stay forever.  So here I go again, having to guess my size, buy two different sizes, buy a 1/2 size larger all because pointy ass, witchy ass shoes are back.  But at least this time they're not as pointy and diffent shapes of stilettos and wedges and platforms have been added. I'm digging them.  Though I have wide feet that are small.  I hope the Shoniverse sends me a shoe line that caters to my feet. Usually shoes that come in wide sizes are not the prettiest. 

ANYWHO, again last year it was lace shoes that I stalked, this year it will be the pointy toed witchy shoes. Here are a few that I'm stalking currently:

Samanta Stacy Pump
 Samantha Stacy Pump

MIA Seduce
MIA Seduce

Luxury Rebel Yuma1

Luxury Rebel Yuma

Luxury Rebel Yuma

Jean-Michel Cazabat Viena
Jean-Michel Cazabat Viena
Jean-Michel Cazabat Saga
Jean-Michel Cazabat  Saga

Enzo Angiolini Imbria
 Enzo Angiolini Imbria

Diane von Furstenberg Deanna

Diane von Furstenberg Deanna

Charles jourdan Cecil
Charles Jourdan Cecil

Camilla Skovgaard London A11005.1

Camilla Skovgaard London A11005.1

Apollo Patent Pump

Apollo Patent Pump

ZiGiny Kerry
ZiGiny Kerry

ZiGiny Julia
ZiGiny Julia

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Happy Holidays Yall.

Just in the crib enjoying a much needed day off of work. I am constantly reminded of how much of a blessing it is to have a job to go to from people I know. These are folk who've had either their unemployment run out with no job prospects or just plain out dont have the connections to find a job in this market.  But dam if this job isnt an ass kicker! One day soon I will be getting paid well for doing something I love.

In the mean time since I have time off from work, I have the time to shoe stalk, blog about it.  Going to see Django! in a couple, so let's make this quick.  Today's topic is vegan shoes again. So if vegan means no living beings were hurt during the production of a product.....My feet have been supporting 'vegan' shoes all my life.  Eventhough, I think to be truly vegan is almost impossible.  For example, because I'm not the most vigilant pescatarian, I had some jalapeno mac n cheese that was out of this world....I especially liked the smoky flavor. But anybody who knows me, KNOWS I don't eat swine, pork, pig, hog, bacon.  Well this one slipped by me because I wasnt there during the production of said mac n cheese. And it was in an environment where it would have been rude to ask the ingredients since it was all I could eat on the menu anyway besides the rolls. My point is that there is no way to prove that no living beings weren't hurt during the production of a pair of shoes if you weren't a part of production or there when they were made.

After a quick google, Ive found ladies out there who are extreme shoe fans  as I am but who are also dedicated vegans who have THROWN AWAY good leather, snake skin, nubuck, patent, suede shoes because of their Veganism.  I am inspired by their dedication to their beliefs but DEFINITELY not encouraged. My momma taught me to not THROW AWAY good leather shoes.  Now I wouldn't be against giving away(if needed) a good pair of shoes, but you wouldn't catch me putting them in the trash...and I guess giving away something leather would defeat the whole purpose of veganism though.  Anywho, here are some great shoes that have absolutely nothing to do with leather....but still great quality:


Kiss and Tell Aurora-041

Kiss and Tell Aurora-04

Kiss & Tell Aurora-04
Great quality shoe for the price.  Looks just as good in person. I got the brown up top.

kiss and tell caitlyn-09

Kiss & Tell Caitlyn-09

Kiss and Tell Kaylin-02

 Kiss & Tell Kaylin-02

kiss and tell ava-02

Kiss & Tell Ava-02

Kiss and Tell Kaylin-01

Kiss & Tell Kaylin-01

Oh. p.s., next post is going to be about the Frankenstein shoe phenomenon.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Leave it to me......

I am a true believer of off-season shoe shopping. Not only are you able to experience shoes that you wouldn't have in-season, you get to know a shoe for what it REALLY is. For example, Cri de Couer is an indie-ish shoe line that I had admired from afar. I did wanna see what the $$$ fuss was about. After going through their shoes, they seemed to be right up my alley. They offered shoe art with a vegan approach. I'm not consciously trying to make my feet go vegan, but it couldn't hurt...I guess. I definitely don't have a desire to go vegan but if there are quality vegan shoes that come in cute/artsy fartsy styles, I need to know and experience them. Besides, I love "indie" shoe lines.  A vegan shoe should not only mean a meatless shoe, it should also mean a stylish piece of art that makes your stomach get butterflies because of the quality and fit.  Vegan could be synonymous with stylish, classic, pieces of art that are good for the earth. That's what I thought when I kept seeing Cri de Couer around the I bought a pair. DUH, off season of course! I had been admiring the below from afar for a while:

Cri de Coeur Lorena Wrap Sandal

Simply, I wasnt happy with the quality of 'Lorena'. I've had some good "vegan" shoes before that don't necessarily tout the name "vegan"....but all the same no animals were needed to make the shoe.  In fact Volatile (Very Volatile) makes some WELL made synthetic fabric shoes. The fabric used to make 'Lorena' were was very thin and didnt resemble genuine suede as it was intended. They do make some funky/stylish shoes though. Here are some more:

Cri de Coeur Shag Mid-Calf Boot
Cri De Coeur Shag Mid-Calf Boot

Cri de Coeur Possess Ankle Boot
 Cri De Coeur Possess

Cri de Coeur Ophelia Buckle Goliath Sandal 
Cri de Coeur Ophelia Buckle Goliath Sandal

Cri de Coeur Hannah Snap Bootie
Cri de Coeur  Hannah Snap Bootie

Sunday, October 21, 2012

When You Dont See Something You Love.......

GO to the sale section.  I bet you thought that sentence was going to end in a deep revelation that was a  soliloquied commentary about love. Naw, not this week, this month, this year, this decade or just not right now. I'm hating on love unless it involves loving on some shoes. Been engaging in shoe therapy lately. But also I have been keeping my commitment to the 1 year rule.  If 12 months go by and I havent worn them......THEY'RE OUTTA here, no more square footage! But the only thing is the shoes that I've been replacing the "outta there" shoes with are shoes that I absolutely have no place to wear. But they are pieces of art like Gaugin. But anywho, in celebration of deep shoe sale season, here it go!:


Jessica Simpson Pattina

 Vince Camuto Pamir

Michael Antonio Tora

Sunday, August 12, 2012

How YOU doin?

No really, How the heck are ya?   Its been a long time...haven't really written much in a long time. I've been seriously slacking on my shoe stalking hustle.  I have s l o w l y but surely been rediscovering another passion of mine.....Photography!  Well, I finally dove in and got a camera.  Well, guess what folx, I'm not eighteen anymore and most people don't use film anymore...and Kodak is OUTTA there. While I don't have as much free time now, I'm discovering that I still love it.  And considering my new camera runs nothing like my oldie but goodie camera, I'm having a ball.  No more late nights developing film.  No more more FILM.    No more hoping and praying that your shots came out as desired or even at all.  Its definitely a new challenge and big change for me. I'm usually resistant to Tauruses dont like it. But we'll change if absolutely necessary.

But anywho. On to some good ole fashioned shoe stalkin':

 Nine West Panto Flat

Michael AntonioTora

Dollhouse Pitone Flat

Lauren Ralph Lauren Leola

Saturday, September 24, 2011

My computer is down

I got hit with the blue screen and I just want my bookmarks back. Three years worth of memories, shoes, accessories, travel blogs, music blogs. Without my links, I feel disconnected. 2011-09-21_01-35-18_151.jpg And here are the last pics of my summer long salvation army end table experiment. I mismatched them and painted the other one. Still working on that one. Not really crazy about it yet. But this one, I love. After the infinite scratches and shellac were sanded off, it now looks like an antique...worn to perfection. The curtains/hooks are courtesy of target's clearance shower and bath department 2011-09-17_18-43-27_414.jpg 2011-09-17_18-42-29_494.jpg Here it is before: 055 And lastly, winter boots/summer dress mix. Ill post my winter favorites when I get an operating computer again. These boots are Very Volatile from last year(shoot, the year before the year before even). They look dam good with the summer dress though...that happens to be Jessica Simpson. CoughSALEcough. Her dresses are my new favorite. These badboys fit perfectly and the quality(I.e. the lining throughout and textured fabric) I would throw on a sweater to make me seasonally relevant. Or with this pleather jacket.: DSCN1374 2011-09-21_14-59-32_127.jpg 2011-09-21_15-12-36_359.jpg Here's the boot: 41u0tTsTccL._SS440_.jpg

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

more off season shoe sale stalking

Cri de Coeur - Carmen
Cri de Coeur - Carmen

Penny Loves Kenny - Kooper
 Penny Loves Kenny - Kooper

 Jessica Simpson Bendie
Jessica Simpson - Bendie

Magrit - 17481
 Magrit - 17481

 Fiel - Carmen
Fiel - Carmen

 Charles David - Karel
Charles David - Karel

Raphael Young - Habaki
Raphael Young - Habaki

True Religion - Robot
 True Religion - Robot

ZiGiny - Trixi
ZiGiny - Trixi

Penny Loves Kenny Tetra
Penny Loves Kenny- Tetra

Sam Edelman Adena Flat
 Sam Edelma - Adena Flat

daniblack preston
 DaniBlack - Preston

l k bennett andrea LK Bennett - Andrea