Wednesday, July 28, 2010

In these receschionistic times...................

Its a goal of mine to use ALL of my lotions. I will not buy anymore until I do this. Compared to some I don't have many but I have too many that I havent paid any mind for some years. Actually a lot of mine have(had) different purposes but I wont use them cause either I didn't like the consistency or they just didn't work for my ashy ass. Like I got the pink peony joint from Marshall's for the low-low. Its ONLY for smell good purposes because its squirts out the pump like water. The French Lavender lotion came in a B-Day gift basket and is like water too.

I got some Jason's lotion in my purse that has gotta be 75% water too. Never again whole foods, no ma'am,  but Im gonna use every drop of that badboy. Victoria's Secret, jeesh. I don't see how people like these lotions. Its like quickie lotion. You get no lasting moisturization or softenizing but you do smell like sexy time for 15-20 whole minutes. You know, that Dream Angels Heavenly by VS does last a while but it sets off my alergies every time.  Its not much left in that bottle so I think Im about to so get my sneeze on. Oh that Banana Boat Faces PLUS(aw shit!) is actually the bomb, I don't know why Ive been neglecting this one for so many years. Yes years.  My hands are about to be SPFd out 24/7 once I get done with the Jason's. Imma try mixing that Jason's with some vaseline.....naw some kind of oil. SOMETHIN. I think it'd hydrate me better if I drank it, jeez louise.
Awe Snap, I surely forgot about the Cream of Nature hand lotion that came with some perm I bought at least 3 years ago.  Then I got about 3/4 Mary kay sample sized lotions that I bought from a friend when she was getting her hustle on. Anyway, Im gonna use all these joints.

This is really a vent because I want to buy some some more of this, but I cant justify spending 10 bucks on 3 oz. of lotion. It is the BUSINESS though. I might try to make my own abbreviated version to see how it comes out cause my heels were the bomb.  ALL day. Regular ass shea butter doesnt do me the same.  Anybody out there ever grind up their own mango seeds? How'd that work out? Still got all your digits? And that vaseline lotion (3 years old) ain't about shit for a playa (c)Arrah btw.

Himalayan Black Whipped Body Butter -- Vanilla Mint Icing