Monday, October 21, 2013

No more Grands for me. So this past year has been VERY hard to say the least for me. I lost both of my last Grandparents within a 9 month period. It was so hard seeing a HEALTHY 87 year old man go from being a productive man who could drive a vehicle to the store to buy groceries and pay his own bills to being a man laying in a hospital bed. He lived 87 years without a heart attack or stroke and eventually had both within a 30 day time period. His heart was broke. No way I coulda fixed it. His wife of 55+ years was gone. How do you come back from that?  There were times that he tried to play the part of a person who is continuing on. And I wanted to believe him.  I miss him dearly and I'm sure my Momma misses him 5 times over that, but I'm glad that the worst time of his life is over. Really I am.  The 9 months that he was here without his wife was rough for him.

I kinda feel guilty that I couldn't take time off from my job to be with him too. I don't care what anybody says money makes life more easy.  If I wasnt so thirsty for that bi-weekly check, I feel like I could of been there more.
But anyway......

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