Saturday, March 22, 2014


At some point I am going to change the name of this blog or put a disclaimer somewhere at the top so folk dont feel bamboozled if they happen up on this here blog. Still love shoes, but I moved my shoe photography/love to Instagram: @indiestroll. Technology changed on a sista(h).

Anywho, I meditated today.  Still not on a consistent schedule but I felt more centered after.  I focused on Gods light today.....where ever that is.  This is something that I struggle with sometimes. I know God is here but sometimes I need a tap on the shoulder.  I'm a visual person. Especially when me and my family are going thru tough times.  So yeah, this is something I'm going to practice and incorporate with my breathing until I fee like Gods light, where ever it is, is still sitting on my shoulder all day. 

Obstacles to meditation today were: dog downstairs barked a lil, not much this time.  I can now guess beforehand howmany times the train conductor is going to honk the horn, depends on if its a freight or Metra. My phone. My phone NEVER rings like this.  People must of felt me aligning my chakras n shit.

Successes: I was able to focus MUCH better this time.