Wednesday, December 8, 2010

my winter shoe list, mostly. No, in part.

Dorothy Perkins Timeless Black Clog Boots

Dorothy Perkins I think? Stone Distressed Suede cowboy

Dorothy Perkins Leopard zip up sandals

Nine West Reverse

Missibaba Fish Scale Leather Clutch  (Def a dream item, but ain't it CUTE? I think I got this item from Refinery 29)

Elizabeth and James Cutout Metallic  (I think I might've posted already but that's ok they are delicious.)

Dorothy Perkins Black Net Wedge (Yall know ME!)

Chinese Laundry Hoity Toity  (Yes Sir! Please and Thank You!)

Alexander Wang Trish Wedge Mules  (I'm definitely not someone who wears clogs.......anymore but these def caught my eye in a good way.)

Nine West Onthemoon (I liked these cause of the spat look.  I have been wanting spats to put over my boots, but could not find any that fit what I was looking for.)

Nine West Alphabet

Monday, December 6, 2010


I think i have an addiction to lace. Lace on shoes?!! I'm usually doubly impressed. These are the House of Harlowe Leslie and have resparked my immense love for lace shoes. Im confident I will be joined with the right lace shoes for me.....that are in my price range....and soon. Hopefully they dont look scrunched like they look on my phone but OW!!!
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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Interview uniform.

So I had an interview today and I'm crossing my fingers. This is what I wore......and have worn for a few interviews in the past.  As long as I don't see the same people twice in a short span of time I'm all for repeating outfits.  Sometimes I'll change the outfit up a little bit and sometimes I won't. I hadn't worn this boot dress combo in some months so its not really a repeat....but it is.  Can you tell how many layers I have on, too?  The dress, dress jacket, my new pleather, and corduroy jacket.


 And on to the boots. I bought these maybe 3 seasons ago? I know it was hot outside. Had to snatch em up cause they are too versatile and WICKED.


Corduroy military jacket: Salvation Army
Pleather zip jacket:  H&M
Dress: New York & Co.
Boots: Enzo Angiolinini
Scarf: New York & Co.

And here's a pic of the full moon I took about a week ago. No clouds in the sky, so I figured why not.  Very random but I'm dying for some good subject matter to photo.....full moons are interesting.  And I was testing out a setting on my camera.