Saturday, April 30, 2011

outfit and shoes below but I'm def about due for a thrift store rework.  Lets hope and pray i do not find any more clothes to buy tomorrow.  This is purging season!(which is when people give away the best stuff.)  Antieway, the outfit below was put together during a try-on episode I was having after work this week. I really have to strike a balance between appropriate and comfortable for work while adding a dash of ME in there somewhere. I can wear jeans, so this is not a conventional professional outfit:

And these are in my top 5 favorite sandals:
Too versatile .
tank: Gap
Sweater: Forever 21
Sandals: Boutique 9
 Earrings: Old Navy
 Jeans: Old Navy (again)

Going thrift furniture shopping tomorrow making this two days in a row.  Bought this sturdy and wood end table today and will attempt to go back for the second one.  Hopefully its still there.  15$ a pop, and both are REALLY scratched up but I def. think I can turn it out. I don't think I will paint this though, I want it to be natural looking. We'll see with all the nooks and crannies on these. Definitely feel inspired to get my artsy fartsy on with these gorgeous yet scratched pieces.  Looks like they got side swiped by a Hyundai going at LEAST 3 miles an hour. Anyway, might be a while before I can give it/them a nod.