Sunday, May 8, 2011

frugal frame.

So I went to this estate sale about 3 months ago. I found this regular looking picture frame. Nothing special.....but it was a $1.  I've been hawking the pic. frame section in the thrift stores for a while and they are kind of expensive to me. They range from 5$-7$ and up for mass produced frames with imperfections....AND I would have to take it home and rework it. I still havent been able to find any really good quality picture frames at the thrift stores I've been hawking, so I decided to make my own I am new at this picture frame thing. I really think I need assistance picture frame shopping.:



Then paint got involved:
I tried applying paint with a roller but I was going for the antiqued look and a paper towel actually did it perfectly.

The things I do when I don't have the funds to buy the artwork I would like:
038I painted the the glass and cut up pieces of paper bag and painted them.  Really abstract but it came out pretty decent.  Not I just have to do some similar and subtle frames to compliment it. No matchy matchy hopefully.

On another note I bought some GORGEOUS shoes that I can't seem to find a look for. Somebody hep me plee. Hopefully I can rest my eyes tonight and think of one. Next post!