Saturday, October 23, 2010


I've been finding myself in H&M finding more stuff.  If I wasn't on a spending diet then I probably would have grabbed a lot more. Went there twice this week and each time I said I was going in just to "see what they had" and make sure I could hate on EVERYTHING so I could feel good about not buying anything.  <---In my mind that sentence makes sense.  Well that didn't happen but I don't feel guilty at all cause I kinda came up.

 This dress was originally $20 but had one of those red H&M discount tags attch'd making it $9.95. Thought I was at my favorite thrift store for a minute with that price. Fits great. The right length. Good price. And I'm happy.





Got this jacket on an earlier visit in the week.  I could not leave this one at the store. It was a DOPE price and it has a corset fit and stitching around the waist with an asymmetrical cut.  Its also collarless and most importantly zippabl :)  I actually bought a couple a couple faux leather jackets a few months ago from H&M.  I ended up taking them back cause they just weren't my style...and i think I bought them just cause they were on sale.   When I tried this one on I was so happy with the fit in the arms!.......then I tried to zip it :(  So then I went up TWO sizes and was underwhelmed with the fit in the arms but was able to zip it...yay?  So after staring in the mirror for 15 minutes constantly trying on sizes 6 - 12 I decided on the one that zipped but had a little extra room in the arms.  When I got home I got the idea to layer it with the softest wool sweater I have ever known........and ta-da.