Sunday, August 12, 2012

How YOU doin?

No really, How the heck are ya?   Its been a long time...haven't really written much in a long time. I've been seriously slacking on my shoe stalking hustle.  I have s l o w l y but surely been rediscovering another passion of mine.....Photography!  Well, I finally dove in and got a camera.  Well, guess what folx, I'm not eighteen anymore and most people don't use film anymore...and Kodak is OUTTA there. While I don't have as much free time now, I'm discovering that I still love it.  And considering my new camera runs nothing like my oldie but goodie camera, I'm having a ball.  No more late nights developing film.  No more more FILM.    No more hoping and praying that your shots came out as desired or even at all.  Its definitely a new challenge and big change for me. I'm usually resistant to Tauruses dont like it. But we'll change if absolutely necessary.

But anywho. On to some good ole fashioned shoe stalkin':

 Nine West Panto Flat

Michael AntonioTora

Dollhouse Pitone Flat

Lauren Ralph Lauren Leola

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