Saturday, March 22, 2014


At some point I am going to change the name of this blog or put a disclaimer somewhere at the top so folk dont feel bamboozled if they happen up on this here blog. Still love shoes, but I moved my shoe photography/love to Instagram: @indiestroll. Technology changed on a sista(h).

Anywho, I meditated today.  Still not on a consistent schedule but I felt more centered after.  I focused on Gods light today.....where ever that is.  This is something that I struggle with sometimes. I know God is here but sometimes I need a tap on the shoulder.  I'm a visual person. Especially when me and my family are going thru tough times.  So yeah, this is something I'm going to practice and incorporate with my breathing until I fee like Gods light, where ever it is, is still sitting on my shoulder all day. 

Obstacles to meditation today were: dog downstairs barked a lil, not much this time.  I can now guess beforehand howmany times the train conductor is going to honk the horn, depends on if its a freight or Metra. My phone. My phone NEVER rings like this.  People must of felt me aligning my chakras n shit.

Successes: I was able to focus MUCH better this time.


Whitney James said...

Thanks for sharing this. I've been reading on meditation and haven't started yet. This post has inspired me to just go for it! I feared not being able to focus, but I see it takes time. Glad you were able to focus more. Again, thanks for this! Hope you're having a good weekend!


eusouamo said...

Inspiration most certainly breeds inspiration. I have definitely been slacking, letting life get in the way. Thank YOU!