Monday, February 3, 2014

This is my first post in a long while, again. Well, what's really new and good with ya'?  Nothing but good vibes for 2014 over here. Really looking to maintain and continue to seek even more happiness and peace. Anybody out there in to meditation. I have been talking about doing it for the past week. I dont know why I'm so scared to experience long periods of silence that require me to listen to myself.  I guess its the city girl in me. This desire to meditate partly sprung from watching a documentary called the Dhamma Brothers where Vapissana meditation was used to transform and rehabilitate men that were inmates at a maximum security prison. Just seeing their newly found focus, discipline, and hapiness that came from it was inspiring.  So I guess I do have a new year's resolution.....late as usual. Oh, one more thing about the docu.  It surprised me how so many people were against anything that might increase the chances of these men reentering society successfully. Meditation is free yet they were getting pushback because the prison was in the Bible Belt.......
Anywho, we'll see how disciplined I am about blogging. I will be using this as a general outlet about everything not just as an outfit mirror and shoe sounding board. OHHHH, almost forgot, I opened up a shoe store and its called: INDIESTROLL.COM
@indiestroll on instagram
All of my picture collections are pretty much on instagram / now. And more than likely if you were following me on here, I probably have already found you there. Love picture blogging!  Hope you are enjoying the new year.

Shoes: Guess Givie - Better Pic:
Jeggings: Hue
Top: Target
Blazer: Target

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