Tuesday, September 7, 2010

8 more months til springtime in Chicago and

we about to get a new mayor Dawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwg.  Ever since I have lived here, we have had TWO mayors.  F it.  I'm 30 yo and Ive been living here since I was 6.........so you do the mathematics. Daley and Washington.  It should be interesting to see who he picks as the next mayor. Like forreal, he's not going to be the mayor and he has enough clout to pick the next mayor.  Rick Rawse is a joke to me. Cause he's NOT the Bawse, Daley is.  Chicago has had the same mayor for 20-some-odd years and nobody officially called bullshit.  This should be interesting.
But yeah. 8 more months to springtime is how I know that summer is officially over and the countdown to spring is beginning.  I wonder if its the same for other folx in cold climates to get giddy over the most inconsequential piece of warm weather? Eye. Dee. Kay, but I'm looking forward to how we Chicago folx *go ham* over 64 degrees and a warm breeze. Its a sight to see.
Couple-a-weekend pics:
 Happy Fall...............happy fall.

Somebody is putting in WORK+overtime in the background. Just trying to steal all our thunder.

I know homegirl is not trying to serve face in the back of our pic. Humn.

Nya Shoes - I gotta ask her where she got these AND what color that is on the piggies.  The polish is stealing the show along with the heel.  I have more than a few sandals with the asymmetrical heel. They are so comfy.  I think that's why I kept buying them. I gotta stop that. Man. we had fun. It was nice to get out and mangle.  It'll be a while before I go to somebody's club again though.

Yeah. Thanks to the young lady who let me have a mini fashion show with her right foot in the club.  These shoes were too dope to pass up. Ms. Nya pointed em out too.  I wanted to ask her what brand but I had already asked her to pose so I could take a pic of her foot. So to avoid looking like a total wierdo I didn't ask her what brand. Those look like they might be leather bottoms though. Too raw.

I love Chicago

That doesn't have anything to do with anything, I'm just sayin.  I wore shoes this weekend.


They were so comfy. Urban Outfitters. I'm not buying shoes from them right now though. They're on punishment. Why is their shipping now $10?  AND add tax to that. I guess they're doing really well. But anyway. I came up on these puppies 2 years ago and just got around to wearing them.  They were too comfy as some of my wedges tend to be. Now I've had some wedges that were just as painful as a pair of pointy toed pumps(I hope these aren't really making a comeback). I spent a lot of time shoe browsing this weekend as I'm trying to keep it frugal these days. So the shoes below are not necessarily on my want list per say, but on my inspiration list:

Sigerson Morrison Chili

See by Chloe Bouble Buckle

Raphael Young Delix Bootie

Rachel Comey Mars short boot

  Rachel Comey /   Ipswich Oxford Wedges
Rachel Comey Ipswitch

Rachel Comey Dekalb

Rachel Comey Barbaro

Proenza Schouler Criss Cross Bow Wedge

Opening Ceremony Lace up Open toe in Green

Nine West Rosycheeck

Miss KG Claudette

LD Tuttle   The UP

LD Tuttle The Fallen

LD Tuttle The Blue

Jil Sander Pebble Leather Wedge Boot

Volatile Women's Senorita Boot 

Very Volatile Senorita

Hope Trace Boot

Carvela Craft

Carvela Gemini

Carvela Action

All Saints Bonny Boot

And LASTLY another lace shoe.

Baldinini Black Lace Pointed Toe Platform - ( from rawshoes.wordpress.com )

And the songs:

 eric roberson & Lalah Hathaway JAM