Monday, June 27, 2011

Lets Play 'Where Would I Wear These?'

NOWHERE! My lifestyle just doesn't call for them, but youeverbeeninlovebutwasn'tabsolutelysure? That's how I feel about these puppies:
sam edelman warren
 Sam Edelman Warren
After I recently got over my fascination with lace shoes, I feel like I need some Lion King on my feets.  I'm drawn to shoes with fringes. I don't know if its the stripper or the Boho in my head  that makes me want fringed shoes. They move when I walk and they're fascinating to me right now.
And NO I'm not a stripper in real life but have been known to purchase stripper shoes from time to time. But yeah, so below are the shoes with fringes that I currently have that I love buy prevented me from buying the above fringed out sky high puppies:



Sergio Zelcer Deegan
Aldo Romjue (so nice had to buy it twice, and then have remorse for buying it twice.)