Sunday, July 17, 2011

more shoe stalking

Senso Ruzac ( I had a dream about these)

dsquared2 womens hiking sandal
DSquared2 hiking sandal

dsquared2 c020 v02262 in maculato
dsquared2 c020 v02262 in maculato

dsquared2 bum ankle boot in camoscio black
dsquared2 bum ankle boot in camoscio black

katia lombardo kl422 in Grigio
katia lombardo kl422 in Grigio

tapeet by Vicini Y15009
tapeet by Vicini Y15009

Tapeet by vicine y00030
Tapeet by vicine y00030

Pilar Abril Selma
Pilar Abril Selma

Pilar Abril Ornella
Pilar Abril Ornella

casadei pardolux
Casadei Pardolux

casadei aragosta
Casadei Aragost

casadei 6054
Casadei 6054

pilar abril adelfa
Pilar Abril Adelfa

katia Lombardo kl290 Vitello
Katia Lombardo kl290 Vitello

Proenza Schoulaer oe9007
Proenza Schouler 039007

dorothy perkins raspberry cream
Dorothy Perkins Raspberry Cream

rebecca minkoff femme fatale
Rebecca Minkoff Femme Fatale

Pelle Moda Ponder
Pelle Moda Ponder ( I caved to these. Had to do it.)

the feeling

........of winning cute shoes on Ebay? priceless. The feeling of receiving  said shoes won on ebay in nearly new condition for a great price? *Patti LaBelle Wings*  I had given up on looking for deals on ebay for good quality shoes in good/nearly new condition. A lot of the times the same good quality shoes I'm stalking on ebay are overpriced  and can be purchased either in store or on a website where the condition is guaranteed. But when ebay works for me it WORKS....especially if the shoes are out of stock.
 Sergio Zelcer Cece ( I used to have a neighbor-friend named Cece)
I stalked these sandals and it just shows that sometimes stalking really does pay off :) But most times it doesn't though. Remember that second part!

I had the strong urge to make tortilla chips yesterday. Probably because my homie was making Tacos and I bought some homemade tortillas and salsa from a nice lady at work. BOMB.  Her husband makes the best chips and salsa and I wanted to see if I could do it too. All I had was some garlic salt though. Next time I'm gonna play with it and add my CAJUN!! seasoning instead. So, off topic, there's a grocery store around here that sells its own cajun seasoning that made me call my mother to ask her if I could slap her.  She said no. But the cajun seasoning is still good!
Back on topic: I did a pretty good job. But to be honest, its kind of hard messing up frying. And I only fry once in a blueish taupish, maroonish moon. You ever read the fat calories on an olive oil bottle? Its kind of scandalous. But they were gooooood.





Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Ikat and National bbq day

Watched the fireworks at home.


Cooked some black eyed peas



And went off-season shopping, aka I just bought the cute stuff that was on clearance. The best feeling is buying great quality pieces for a fraction of what I think its worth.   I was a tad bit hot trying on this ikat jacket, but I just couldn't wait to try it out with possible outfits. Here's one.




In other ikat news, I cut up a bandeau maxi dress i bought last year. I was ok cutting it up, even though it is one of my favorite dresses perfect for surprise sweltering Chicago weather....I've gotten good mileage out of it so I was itching to change it.



I guess I'm growing my hair out now too. I haven't really committed to it though. I know I can stick with it as long as I can form a 10 minute afro.  When my hair gets to a certain point though, even an afro can take more than 10 minutes to shape up.   I said I was going to grow it, but if I feel like its taking too long to style..chop. chop.




Blazer - Evan Picone
Blouse - Thrifted
Jeans - Yard saled
Maxi Dress - Forever 21
Crop cardi - Forever 21
Orange Sandals Apepazza
 Earrings - Target
Hair - Mine, lol. Joking!

On a random note, I was out and about last week and met a man who had tape on the bottom of his Nikon Coolpix just like mine!  Exact same model and color. Maybe he's clumsy like me, but now i think its the camera's fault.  I thought it was just me. Turns out he dropped his camera once and blaow! Just like that, an itty bitty piece of plastic chipped off so the battery won't stay closed without the help of some good quality
clear tape.