Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Exercise and Wedges.

My two favorite things to do right now.  Shout out to Fashionelites from youtube for hipping me to these.  who knew. When I got them my baby toes were SUFFERING though.  I tried that stretching them with ice idea but er um.....I don't think that worked.  Then, I lost about 20 pounds and these puppies had the nerve to fit. I'm so happy but dam.  Were my piggies that fat? Anyway, woo-hoo Billy Blanks.  Now I want that Turbo Jam BAD.  Really bad. I was working out to the infomercial last night for a good 20 minutes.  I worked up a sweat. Sure did. It actually seems REALLY similar to my billy blanks workout dvds(that I got on Ebay for the low-low).  A lot of the moves seem to be staples of boxing but I still want it. I have to say exercising has really kept my attitude sunny when things haven't been going the best.  I think I'm addicted to it actually.   Troubles just don't seem like a big deal if I've sweated it out that day.  But yeah, ZYBIA, focus. I love these wedges.  Youtuber Fashionelites hipped me to them.  I watched them online for a while. You know how you might walk past a window display, go on about your business, and then find excuses to go walk past it again?  Well I did that online for about a month. They're just so badass. And the leather is so damn soft.   Yeah, I think I'll be wearing these all the way to November.  I have so much attitude with them on.  I wonder what Zybia means though. I googled it, no dice but the name is fitting.  I feel like a Zybian queen in these. lol

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