Monday, October 18, 2010

Nippy weather

Dolce Vita Cyprus-2

As long as this weather stays in the 50's and 60's, I think I'm going to dedicate my time to sandals. I love boots but they just don't do me like sandals do. And its crazy because I'll have on 2 sweaters and a poncho but then put on some sandals. I really feel as long as I'm traveling or walking towards a heated environment, then my feets will survive. The weather will snap soon though and I will cease and desist with this sandal business. These are my favorite and I try to wear them whenever possible. These are most def my default sandals. They go with everything and I'm all about sandals that go with everything......just like I'm all about shoes that don't go with everything. These pics were taken in the library parking lot. I have to admit that this was my first time visiting in a LONG time. I was observing EVERYTHING because I was wondering if the people working there noticed I hadn't been in a while. And let me say there were some CUTE guys WORKING there. They looked really out of place, i don't know. A couple of them had on those wick-away the sweat running shirts and I know a runner when I see it. But I guess library science is where its at these days. Also, there was a girl standing behind me in line that was trying to print out a school assignment. Unfortunately, they were closing in 20 minutes AND the printers weren't working?! Chicago Public Library is going to have to do better. Oh, and yesterday was gorgeous. The temperature was in the low 60's with a tinge of 40's in the wind. My feets loved it.