Sunday, September 19, 2010

Dream Hoelettos.

On a regular day I do not wear heels. Stilettos? Pshhhhhhhhhhh, yeah right. But I have shoes that I look at and study for months that don't really fit into my lifestyle but I WANT.  To be a dream hoeletto it just needs to 1. be out of my tax bracket. and 2. be odd enough to be fantasy shoes. And 3. They have to make me feel like a superstar in the They say if they don't fit your lifestyle you shouldn't buy them. But I want these. I would definitely use them as wall art though. I'd buy a shelf JUST to put these on the wall.  And GUESS what? Raven Simone had the NERVE! to have them on when she was on Wendy! I'm going to need her to stay out of my head.  I just know I saw these first. I've been eyeing these for 6 months at least. Ok. She might have saw em first. I know how some celebs get first dibs on shoes. I love her. Shoes are not a game to her I see.

Dream Hoelettos:
Lorenzi crystal ext pltfrm
Gianmarco Lorenzi

Raven Simone in MY Hoelettos
(youtube vid splicd up)