Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Boot Business

These are boots I'm either lusting after at the moment.  This post is dedicated to the United Nude Mobius boots that came out a winter or two back.  These boots would fail to take me much farther than the sun porch that is steps away from the walkway that is steps away from my car.  Not because they aren't comfortable or even a chore to walk in.......but you just don't walk long distances in art.  I just flipped my imaginary bangs outta my face when I typed that.  They remind me of retro furniture that you might find at an estate sale or Ikea.....whatever floats your boat.

United Nude Mobius

Maison Martin Margiela Line 22
These look toasty, buttery and cute. Sign me up.

All Saints Bonny  I'm still on the hunt for some cowboy shoes with a heel pretty similar to these yet slightly shorter and more angled. In the mean time in between time I wouldn't mind adding these puppies to the collection.  I have to say while I do love these boots, I don't know how I would feel after a while about the fringes at the ankle.  While I do like the fringes, I'm not always in a fringily mood.  Maybe If me and the fringes could work out a compromise with some Velcro tabs, then we would be in business.

We Who See Lace Up

Steven Buckled Wrap Bootie
Another pair of shbooties that are worn to perfection.

River Island Suede and Snake Wedge I thought I was tired of snake and animal print anything.  I think I may be still but these are interesting enough to be the exception.

Pink Studio Ankle Boot

Pied A Terre Pilsbury

Pied a Terre Peri

Miss KG Claudette

Max Studio Umberto-2

KG by Kurt Geiger Victor 3

Jeffrey Campbell Zipped  I think I'm in love with the texture of these boots because they're severely worn  in a way that remind me of boots that the antagonist from the Saw movies or Freddie Kreuger might wear if they ever felt like subtly coordinating an outfit.  And let me be clear......LOVE the boots. HATE scary movies.

Jeffrey Campbell Christie

Jeffrey Campbell Bjork

Elle Ryde Ankle Boot

Dune Pipers

Delia's Sofia

Daniblack Lilette

Boutique 9 Shanna

Blowfish Walsh

APC Madras

All Saints Sand? (maybe IN sand?)

Aldo Kreuziger

Aldo Brizzey