Wednesday, April 6, 2011


And I really mean that from the bottoms of both my shoe loving and Bulls loving  hearts......The title of this post has very little to do with the content besides the colors I'm wearing though. I just had to say HOO!-RAH! Chicago!
This post is really about Vision vs. Final Decision
-You ever had a vision for an outfit? Pick it out in your head? Follow through and THEN look in the mirror? Then proceed to leave the house in an outfit totally different from the VISION?
Well, I go through this everyday.  Exhibit 1....Dressing for my buddy's B-day party:
In my head this outfit worked! In real life, I got razor blade happy and required undershorts that I didn't have access to at the time.  Fixing the technical difficulties of these pants is a MUST because they are in my top 2 fav fitting jeans. These are jeans that I bought at Old navy a size larger for a $1. Well, I was able to resize them with my sewing machine and make them fit.  I just got razor blade happy in the wrong places. Also, I wasn't totally in agreement with how the shoes looked in this fit. So, scrapped. It worked in my head though......

This is a pic of what I was wearing no. matter. what! The essentials.....the heels, the earrings, the top. 

Bracelet combo - This is a pic of a chainlink bracelet that I bought from Lori's shoes  that I tangled with a necklace that I purchased from H&M.  One of my favorite bracelets now.


 Getting warmer. Actually what I would've worn if the flats hadn't won.



What I actually wore.  These are a couple of pics of the Flats......WINNING(c).....with the jeans swapped out..  No heels....again.That's o.k. cause I did have a ball.
Crinkle blouse -Bought abroad YEARS ago
Heels - RSVP
Scarf - Jones N.Y.
Bleached jeans - Old Navy
Skinny jeans - Old Navy
Black jacket - H&M
Sandals - Michael Antonio