Thursday, February 21, 2013


While my goal is to acquire ALL of the sexy ass shoes I come in contact with.....I have to eventually let some go some if I don't wear them.  Below are some DOPE shoes that I have either bought more than a year ago and never worn or that I just haven't worn in more than a year. I even have some shoes that are NO WHERE near in my size that I bought because they didnt have them in my size and I STILL had to have them.  Sumbuddy needs counseling!.  ***sadface***  I figured that someone should love them up if I have come to the sad conclusion that I have no space for them anymore. So I'm just gonna put them up for sale here.  Below each pic is descriptive information and the price.  Shipping across the U.S. is $8.95 for all shoes.  No shipping abroad unfortunately.
If interested, just shoot me an email with the below listed name of the shoe and price:
If this works out I got waaaaaaaay more where these came from.
Also, if you feel more comfortable purchasing them via ebay, I'll list them just. for. you via a fixed price sale. But the whoever pays first rule will still apply!......If you message me on Ebay, my name is culp424.  Keep in mind though when purchsed through this here blog, every shoe listed here is $4.00 cheaper than the prices listed below.  I will be updating this post daily until I have a good amount of shoes listed.

Michael Antonio

 This is a pair of new and in the box Michael Antonio Platform Sandals in a size 7.  The opening at the top is 9" around, the sleek heel is 5 1/2" high, and the platform is 1 1/2" in the front.  The zipper is very well made as it is reinforced with a cover on the back of it to prevent the top of your foot from getting caught in it.  Again, very well made for Michael Antonio. They are a 100% manmade material but they were made very durable.  The top is a black patent material that matches the heel which is carved into a square shape.  The snake print covers the front and platform of the shoe.  Very soft to the touch and a tad narrow for my wide feets.

 Fahrenheit Mila-05 - SIZE 6 1/2 - $35
 Fahrenheit Mila-05

 This is a pair of new in the box comfy yet sky High wedges in a size 6 1/2.  The heels are 5" high, but to compensate the platforms are a little under 2" making these some comfortable pieces of art. The opening around the tops is 11" around when zipped up. Oh, there is  discreet/matching black zipper up the backs of the shoes. I am a true size 7 and these fit just right even though these are a size 6 1/2. They run a 1/2 size large.  The geometric zig-zag print heel is made out of a wicker material and the upper is a canvas fabric.  The soles are felt and there is a piece of rubber on the bottom of the heels for traction.  The felt makes them slippery on hardwood/linoleum surfaces.

 Dollhouse Pitone Flat

  This is a pair of NIB Dollhouse oxfords in size 7.  They are made of a synthetic fabric with a convincing snake print.  They have a 1/2" lift on the heel and the soles are made of rubber with a paisley design scored into it for gripping.  They also have laces on the top.  Very on trend yet classic enough to go with almost everything.

Daniblack Perforated Boots

  This is a pair of stylish new and in the box Daniblack boots in Espresso. With a 3" heel and NO platform they give a little lift to the shorties like me. They also have this micro perforation that adds a little mystery if you were to wear them with no stockings. I bought these in two sizes. Size 7 and 7 1/2 to get a feel for the fit and am selling the size 7.  I am usually a wide size 7 though who fits her tootsies in Med. width shoes.....Oh. also I kind of have legs on the bigger side so the boots stay up over the knee.  I decided to let the 7M go and keep the 7 1/2 so I could wear thick tights under them.  This 7M would actually fit perfectly either a 6 12/2 lady who wanted space to wear tights in the winter or the size 7 woman with thick calves who wants to wear wonder woman style in the spring/summer...or anyone who would want to wear them slouched.  They are made of a versatile thin suede and the top of the shaft is cut into a funky asymmetrical wonderwoman shape.

Chinese Laundry

This is NEW/never worn pair of 4 1/2" wedges made by Chinese Laundry.  They have a 1" platform in the front to ease the incline some.  The wedge is covered in an over-sized polka-dot fabric.  The straps are made of a faux-patent leather material.  The heel has a uniquely thin shaped high wedge at the back.  The bottoms are a light brown scored rubber for great traction.  Very feminine and unique.

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