Sunday, August 14, 2011

1 skirt two tops.

I'm not really a blog/document an outfit kinda girl but when the spirit aka shoes hit I'm all for it.  Got these wedges a little over a year ago and have yet to wear them until this outfit. This is a skirt that I found at a thrift store well over a year ago that i was able to pin up and make it fit my short legs without cutting it up.  I don't like cutting pretty clothes to fit my frame, but I will if I have to though.

I was finally able to style this skirt in a way that fits my style:


mushroom tunic length top, Urban Outfitters
altered blue jean top, Pay Half
Skirt, Salvation Army
Sandals, Eaglerock - Very Volatile

And here's what I started out with, Salvation Army skirt before

And for my randomosity. I've taken to using tomatoes as bread.  I really just had to leave bread alone. It was/is an addiction. I could tell, because when I was down :(, the thought of slathering bread with my favorite condiments always made me feel better.  Were talkin a loaf a week, folks. So I stopped buying it and this is what my sandwiches look like now:


I miss it, but its worth it.  And by the way this is/WAS a veggie burger.