Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Oh. This is what my music sounded like in my head.

Spragga Benz - "Livication" from Cari Denhardt on Vimeo.

New folk and old friends......and friends who give shoes as gifts.

man. This weekend was kind of the bomb. Hooked up with some friends from grade school. Talked about everything under the sun and had me some great convo. Hit up a cool Ru-maj sale aka a rummaging sale.  I have TOO much fun at these things but luckily it was a gang of cool folk to distract me from buying too much. I came up on these DOPE eggshell Pier-1 ceramic bowls with matching mugs.  Too cute and I'm too excited.
Buterum, yeah, I got compliments on my flat rhinestone and gem encrusted slip-ons all weekend. They were a birthday gift and lemme just say......the BUSINESS. Shot out?, shout out? to my homie Nya-don for hooking me up.  I got so many compliments on them. Only thing. A couple of the rhinestones fell out. I still wore 'em. You couldn't really tell unless i handed you my foot like "Yo. Here's my foot and shit." I was still HEATED though. But I still wore em. I've had a few of the rhinestones in my pocket for a few days but haven't had the attention span to actually  do somethin about it. I'll probably snatch a new pair up. Or DIY myself a pair.  Either way I love these. yeah:

Bamboo Moto-93

On another note, I have been on a shoe chase. Sometimes I think I have gaudy shoe tastes.  I'll just say tastefully ornamented for now. but yeah. Alot goes when it comes to me and shoes. But anyway, I had been chasing these shoes from Aldo since at least December.  Availability wasn't the problem, it was just I didn't agree with the price.  They are too stylish and I think I could have so much fun in them but it was the "principality" of the matter. I just did not think they should be marked at $90. But anyway, 8 mos. later and they're still not on sale and I'm still in love:

Aldo  Yanoco

I saw some that were really similar for a price that I was in agreement with.  I wish I could purchase both and compare and critique the comfort level, fit, and overall look on my foot. Maybe one day. I don't know what it is with me and lace shoes lately. They're just timeless to me. Okay focus:

Dorothy Perkins

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Exercise and Wedges.

My two favorite things to do right now.  Shout out to Fashionelites from youtube for hipping me to these.  who knew. When I got them my baby toes were SUFFERING though.  I tried that stretching them with ice idea but er um.....I don't think that worked.  Then, I lost about 20 pounds and these puppies had the nerve to fit. I'm so happy but dam.  Were my piggies that fat? Anyway, woo-hoo Billy Blanks.  Now I want that Turbo Jam BAD.  Really bad. I was working out to the infomercial last night for a good 20 minutes.  I worked up a sweat. Sure did. It actually seems REALLY similar to my billy blanks workout dvds(that I got on Ebay for the low-low).  A lot of the moves seem to be staples of boxing but I still want it. I have to say exercising has really kept my attitude sunny when things haven't been going the best.  I think I'm addicted to it actually.   Troubles just don't seem like a big deal if I've sweated it out that day.  But yeah, ZYBIA, focus. I love these wedges.  Youtuber Fashionelites hipped me to them.  I watched them online for a while. You know how you might walk past a window display, go on about your business, and then find excuses to go walk past it again?  Well I did that online for about a month. They're just so badass. And the leather is so damn soft.   Yeah, I think I'll be wearing these all the way to November.  I have so much attitude with them on.  I wonder what Zybia means though. I googled it, no dice but the name is fitting.  I feel like a Zybian queen in these. lol

Music inspiration of the day:

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Hodge Podge of Things that are giving me LIGHT right now

When I figure out how to put a music widget on here, I'll do that. But until then I'm including my dancehall/R&B addiction in this here shoe blog.  Shoes and music were made for each other. When I'm walking in some of my favorite shoes at the moment, I hear music. Usually Reggae or House.  This is what I'm hearing at the moment:

The Pleasure Riddim Medley

On to the shoes. Yes ma'am! Yes gur'!
This whole post was going to be about ALL BLACK shoes but then I got sidetracked. Shoutout to okayplayer.com for that. Shoutout to the post by Brownsugar and them for reminding me that summer is over. I don't want it to be over so Imma keep it summery and still look at peep toe boots,

Oh. I got some open toed wedges on my mind HARD. I gotta figure out how to freak them in the snow though. I have some heavy duty stockings that might do the trick. These babies seem winter appropriate yet African inspired.  I wish they had them in a brown or a dark clay.

All Black - Bomber in (black)

On the other hand. What is this tomfoolery?

All Black - Bomber in (brown)

I'm sure there is a woman out there who would be able to wear these teddy bear carcasses in some kind of way. But I just don't know where they get off killing teddy bears like this. Its just bogus. Oddly enough, there is one outfit these might go with. A birthday suit? There are absolutely no clothes that have been made yet that would accommodate these wedges.

Boots that I want to Boo up or just some boots that I like looking at:

Pura Lopez N531 Oxford

Pour La Victoire Lea

 Pour La Victoire Ida

Nicole Farhi Nitza

Miz Mooz Carlito

KG by Kurt Geiger Kitty

KG by Kurt Geiger Camillo

Fergie  Traffic Shootie ($129 Fergie? Really?They not even good leather Fergie. They cute though)

Due Farina  Treason

Due Farina    Marlo

Chinese Laundry   Kopin Kid

ALL BLACK   Sleek Boot

Aldo Depriest

Aldo Flomega

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Oh. And lemme just say Im in LOVE with Coochieness.

Despite the fact that he's a Special Beyonce Stan. This is my bitch though:

Yeah. I think I'm going to wear these to bed.

They are so comfortable. I feel like I have to give them a name. Ruby is sooooo obvious. How about Sashay? They are called Cameron by RSVP BUT Imma call she Sashay.  That's a pretty name? Aint it?
I sleep like a snow angel and I still don't wanna take them off. Yeah, Imma break Sashay in around the house for a while.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Poem to Summer Shoes

Summer Shoes with the toes out you're the bomb
When the sun is trying to burn me out, you keep me calm
I love you cause you keep the toes out and put the gams on display.
When you guys are walking me to my destinations we have fun-play
You keep my pinkie and big toes happy at the same time and that's a lot to ask for
They're just picky like that.
Pointy Toe? Round Toe? Get that shit outta here til October.
Imma stick with the open toe for the immediate foreseeable future.
Until next time Imma dream about the zapatos I didnt get
And get them for the low low at a sale event..........lol

Aldo Caudle

Aldo Finnell

Apepazza Malachite Flat

Apepazza Tigro

Asos Heidi

Betsey Johnson Lavant

 Betsey Johnson Madeline

 Coclico Lustrous

Coclico Odalisk

daniblack Duff D1026038

Farylrobin Pop

Georgina Goodman Thea

Karen Millen Watch Me

Kenzo 294956

Modern Vintage Bonita

Surface To Air   Penta

  Sweet Seventeen Sheila 02

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

sandals and socks do not go together.

I cannot wait until socks and sandals go away......FAR away.  One day Imma wear a long sleeved turtleneck under a halter topped sundress and see what the outcome will be. Oh, its going to be HOT.  I will not swelter for fashion. No ma'am! no ma'am.
But I don't like ANYTHING all up on my skin in the summer. Pantyhose especially. I will roll them suckas off so quick and stick em in my purse if its hot enough. I wear them jammies out of necessity and warmth if its cold enough. Ok, I will wear them in the winter to be cute and show off and suffer being cold and itchy.


I have a gray hair.
I can't take this.
I didn't wanna die this way Lawid. This soon.
Im only 30. I know folx who've had gray hair in their 20's but dammit that wasn't me.
And my genes say I had another 10 years.
My whole life Ive had 1B(1B30 during the summer) deep dark brown  and
I can only imagine what number/letter combo gray is.
Nobody colors their hair gray though. Plat, maybe, gray....you know what it is some people who gray out their hair totally when they start graying.
I can't believe this.
This is too much
Goodnite dammit.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Its 11 O'clock at night

And somebody decided that their grass was too long. I hope he-she has a flashlight attached to the end of the lawnmower. Anyway, here's some shoes that I've been watching for at least 5 months. I always wanted to pet a cow:

 donald j. pliner Carly

I don't know if anybody cares but.....

EVERY shoe has a story. Forreal. I don't know how else to say it. I think Im a shoe hoarder. Those are the only things that I can't get rid of.  I almost feel like a funky shoe can take you to the end of the earth. EVEN these:

But I'm saying though. These are CLASSIC Go Max circa '05, '04.
 So my homie told be there is a 0% chance she can guarantee that she can act like she knows me if I wear these in public.  That's ok. Really, its ok.  If you're familiar with the brand Go Max evidently this is a brand you can ONLY find at stores like Mar-Shalls, Wear De Amiclub, Lovemyshoes.com(no way I could jooj that name), and Zapatos De Barefeet. I don't care. In 2010, Im convinced I can somehow redo these boots to make them into somethin that they arent............or used to be. Hrmnnnnnnn. Homegirl is goin to be like "WHERE DID YOU GET THOSE? I want some."  ........Too LATE! Watch. I refuse to give these away.

 These are not dolce vitas perpetrating on top that  dolce vita box. More like Antonio de Mikael a.k.a. michael antonio. ANYWAY. As cute and comfy as these look they are soooooooooo not. I toook these to Miami two years ago as my comfy shoes. NOT! My pinkie toe has not been the same off these shoes. They look harmless but I feel like I've been lied to.  This post is to remind me that I need to buy some pinkie toe cushions for these.  Still cute but so not comfy.

 I don't unnastand. My pinkie toe and my ankles and flats don't mix. What the entire freak. These are some orange All Black flats that are more recent.  My achillies bones are still traumatized. I remember walking in the direction of the bus with these.(somethin' people in Chicago do when the bus decides not to come on schedule.) and  I had to stop at a CVS  and buy some offbrand band aids so I could catch my dam bus. I. Was. Bleeding. People. I don't think I've tried to catch the bus since. Tryin to be conducive to the earth and shit, humph, no ma'am, not again. Hoity toity ass All Black brand ass shoes. Don't trip, I did get them on Clearance. They are too cute too. Im actually waiting for a special occasion where I have to wear some that are SO uncomforable that these are a relief.

AWWW! Last time I wore these were in 2007 to a friend's wedding. Its a picture of me in these somewhere in the stratosphere.  Anyway, I was heavier when I was TWERKING them so aint. no. way. in hell. these are going to the Goodwill now. What I look like?  I'm waiting for one of my friends to have a birthday and its bout to be on and POPPIN (c)

These are some joints I got in brazil in 2002. Two thousand and Two! I dont even like slingbacks but these are too cool. They even have rain spots on 'em.  Nostalgic. I think I might redo these though.  add some spikes and straps or somethin. Sadly, I have a real emotional connection with these. Sorry Goodwill.

These are from  a line called Os Pés Descalços a.k.a Barefeet Shoes. Sounds so much sexier in Portuguese. I went to see Buju Banton's last show in Chicago before the 'incident' in these  Oh. Em. Gee. The absolutely last time he was in Chicago before he got locked up for his current situation, I wore these.   I felt like I was walking on bovine gristle. Really. They hurted me so bad. Me and the big homie had to take a cab for a two block walk.  I kid you not.  My girl was sick with something that seemed like pneumonia and my feet hurt like I had been rollerskating barefoot on concrete. He put on the best show ever and it was free. That was 3 or 4 years ago. Ive tried wearing these with inserts since then and yeah, they still hurt like hell. But they are still going to be mine forever.  I got ideas to freak these out too.

 My pinkie toes be disrespecting these shoes, but I'mma wear these and very WELL. watch me. watch. I'm on that Kanye.

  KurtmuthafrigginGeiger. Simple but orgasmic worthy. Do you see all this velvet?  I'm in love.

Carvela Anisha. Regular ass slingbacks but do you see this tomfoolery on the heel area. Its because of these that I can't wait to get married.  I think Imma have my ceremony in the bedroom..

My momma got these Tano joints at the resale spot.  Somehow I ganked them as I usually do. hehehe.  They are currently sitting in my leather repair pile waiting to get resoled.  I wore these to pieces, literally. I think a piece of the heel sole is in my car. I wore these EVERYwhere last winter and fall.  Cognac is good for shoes. For drinks? I don't do brown liquor.

Via Spiga put their foot in these boots. They are in the "Fix me cause I'm leather" pile.  Patent leather with holes at the bottom.  I'm so sad about these it not even funny.  Really. If the shoe man cant fix these, Im........I dont know. I try not to think about it.b I should wear them this summer since snow compromises the condition of the situation of my favorite boots.  Do you see the suede at the top? I wore these 6 months straight. They go with everything and my heart will be broken if they arent fixable.