Saturday, September 24, 2011

My computer is down

I got hit with the blue screen and I just want my bookmarks back. Three years worth of memories, shoes, accessories, travel blogs, music blogs. Without my links, I feel disconnected. 2011-09-21_01-35-18_151.jpg And here are the last pics of my summer long salvation army end table experiment. I mismatched them and painted the other one. Still working on that one. Not really crazy about it yet. But this one, I love. After the infinite scratches and shellac were sanded off, it now looks like an antique...worn to perfection. The curtains/hooks are courtesy of target's clearance shower and bath department 2011-09-17_18-43-27_414.jpg 2011-09-17_18-42-29_494.jpg Here it is before: 055 And lastly, winter boots/summer dress mix. Ill post my winter favorites when I get an operating computer again. These boots are Very Volatile from last year(shoot, the year before the year before even). They look dam good with the summer dress though...that happens to be Jessica Simpson. CoughSALEcough. Her dresses are my new favorite. These badboys fit perfectly and the quality(I.e. the lining throughout and textured fabric) I would throw on a sweater to make me seasonally relevant. Or with this pleather jacket.: DSCN1374 2011-09-21_14-59-32_127.jpg 2011-09-21_15-12-36_359.jpg Here's the boot: 41u0tTsTccL._SS440_.jpg

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

more off season shoe sale stalking

Cri de Coeur - Carmen
Cri de Coeur - Carmen

Penny Loves Kenny - Kooper
 Penny Loves Kenny - Kooper

 Jessica Simpson Bendie
Jessica Simpson - Bendie

Magrit - 17481
 Magrit - 17481

 Fiel - Carmen
Fiel - Carmen

 Charles David - Karel
Charles David - Karel

Raphael Young - Habaki
Raphael Young - Habaki

True Religion - Robot
 True Religion - Robot

ZiGiny - Trixi
ZiGiny - Trixi

Penny Loves Kenny Tetra
Penny Loves Kenny- Tetra

Sam Edelman Adena Flat
 Sam Edelma - Adena Flat

daniblack preston
 DaniBlack - Preston

l k bennett andrea LK Bennett - Andrea

Saturday, August 27, 2011

off season shopping

In the previous post I forgot to put the name of the shoe: Pelle Moda Ponder And they're on sale too. Great quality shoe for that price. After the swimsuit review below. More off season shoe reviews.
Anywho, this is the best time to buy a swimsuit so I bought one. This one:

Insight - Sooty One Piece

DSCN3124Sooty One Piece by Insight
I would of definitely double featured this swimpiece as a bustier under a blazer this winter as well as a swimsuit in the summer but its runs TOO SMALL. The gold flecks are just as interesting in person, but the bust area is just inadequate. If you have normal boobs, this swimsuit is not. for. you!  The model makes it look like its more than enough space for boobs. Keyword: model. Well, I fell for it and have to return it.  This is a gorgeous swimsuit in person though, with all the girlie sparklies its hurting me that I have to return it but the cups run kind of tiny. Not small but TINY.  Think European sized shoes only in bra sizes.  Also, the website I purchased it from represented it as a numbered size but it came in small/med/large. boo. You win some and lose some and learn a lesson every time, I guess.
Tavik - BelladonnaTavik - Belladona
This is one I considered briefly. I think this one is just fun to look at and constructed for those who don't like carbs. Not me. Love looking at it though.

Tavik - Tate onepieceTavik - Tate
I REALLY liked this one. Its sexy and modest smooshed together.  This one is more my style but I tend to gravitate towards colors, hence me buying the wrong swimsuit. Eventhough  this one is a little more forgiving, I do have concerns about the sizing.

Overall, Ive noticed that Tavik and Insight have some really cute swimsuits on sale right now all over the internet right around NOW.  I can tell both brands seem to target the thinner and taller woman with the way the sizing runs.

 I've been stalking the first three shoes below for a while and then Amazon had a crazy sale on Daniblack shoes. This is a shoe brand I really enjoy stalking. Reasonable prices for the quality and styling.  They have some funky styles that do follow the current trends but are designed in a quirky way that give a different take on the trend and are able to exist outside of the trend.

daniblack TaniDaniBlack - Tani

daniblack DuffDaniBlack - Duff

daniblack DannenDaniBlack - Dannen

DSCN3126Me in Tani, my favorite

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


you cant ask how, why, or even 'where can I wear these to', you just have to wear them anywhere.

Wore these out and I really felt like Kanye in them. Somebody tried to tell me something......but it sounded like mumbling, OW. These are my newest best friends. I *REALLY* felt like She-Ra in these. Very structural and they kind of remind me of my Salvation Army Endtables with the 90 degree angle cutout wedge  and all.

Pelle Moda Ponder


 Pelle Moda - Ponder
I think I want to marry these wedges.

mismatching matching end tables.

Previously, I blogged about buying a set of end tables at Salvation for $30. and I'm thinking of all this great stuff I'm going to do to the tables. this is a pic of how they looked before. They had some deep scratches and the wood seems to be soft, sturdy but soft enough to scratch with the slightest poke.

After sanding one, I began to apply some paint. I know I wanted the paint to go on like it would in a painting, not totally even. Then I kept painting.


This is what I got. It's olive green mixed in with a firetruck red. See those crevices? I'm still sanding them by hand. I will never sand anything in my life again....I don't think.

So that brings me to my naked table. With this one, Imma just leave it blank, put some clear varnish? polish? on it and leave the corners as is to give it a "seasoned" look. I actually like the end table better naked.  One is going in the bed room and one is staying in the living area.


These chairs are next up in the artsy fartsy line. They came presanded(just how I like my wood, naked!) from a garage sale. I got the set of five for $40 from a married couple with a set of toddlers. She didn't have time to finish them.  Since i've bought them, I've taken the old seat covering off. Next I need to do some research on how to tighten some of the joints. Two of the chairs are a little wobbly. So work in progress.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

1 skirt two tops.

I'm not really a blog/document an outfit kinda girl but when the spirit aka shoes hit I'm all for it.  Got these wedges a little over a year ago and have yet to wear them until this outfit. This is a skirt that I found at a thrift store well over a year ago that i was able to pin up and make it fit my short legs without cutting it up.  I don't like cutting pretty clothes to fit my frame, but I will if I have to though.

I was finally able to style this skirt in a way that fits my style:


mushroom tunic length top, Urban Outfitters
altered blue jean top, Pay Half
Skirt, Salvation Army
Sandals, Eaglerock - Very Volatile

And here's what I started out with, Salvation Army skirt before

And for my randomosity. I've taken to using tomatoes as bread.  I really just had to leave bread alone. It was/is an addiction. I could tell, because when I was down :(, the thought of slathering bread with my favorite condiments always made me feel better.  Were talkin a loaf a week, folks. So I stopped buying it and this is what my sandwiches look like now:


I miss it, but its worth it.  And by the way this is/WAS a veggie burger.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

more shoe stalking

Senso Ruzac ( I had a dream about these)

dsquared2 womens hiking sandal
DSquared2 hiking sandal

dsquared2 c020 v02262 in maculato
dsquared2 c020 v02262 in maculato

dsquared2 bum ankle boot in camoscio black
dsquared2 bum ankle boot in camoscio black

katia lombardo kl422 in Grigio
katia lombardo kl422 in Grigio

tapeet by Vicini Y15009
tapeet by Vicini Y15009

Tapeet by vicine y00030
Tapeet by vicine y00030

Pilar Abril Selma
Pilar Abril Selma

Pilar Abril Ornella
Pilar Abril Ornella

casadei pardolux
Casadei Pardolux

casadei aragosta
Casadei Aragost

casadei 6054
Casadei 6054

pilar abril adelfa
Pilar Abril Adelfa

katia Lombardo kl290 Vitello
Katia Lombardo kl290 Vitello

Proenza Schoulaer oe9007
Proenza Schouler 039007

dorothy perkins raspberry cream
Dorothy Perkins Raspberry Cream

rebecca minkoff femme fatale
Rebecca Minkoff Femme Fatale

Pelle Moda Ponder
Pelle Moda Ponder ( I caved to these. Had to do it.)