Saturday, December 22, 2012

Leave it to me......

I am a true believer of off-season shoe shopping. Not only are you able to experience shoes that you wouldn't have in-season, you get to know a shoe for what it REALLY is. For example, Cri de Couer is an indie-ish shoe line that I had admired from afar. I did wanna see what the $$$ fuss was about. After going through their shoes, they seemed to be right up my alley. They offered shoe art with a vegan approach. I'm not consciously trying to make my feet go vegan, but it couldn't hurt...I guess. I definitely don't have a desire to go vegan but if there are quality vegan shoes that come in cute/artsy fartsy styles, I need to know and experience them. Besides, I love "indie" shoe lines.  A vegan shoe should not only mean a meatless shoe, it should also mean a stylish piece of art that makes your stomach get butterflies because of the quality and fit.  Vegan could be synonymous with stylish, classic, pieces of art that are good for the earth. That's what I thought when I kept seeing Cri de Couer around the I bought a pair. DUH, off season of course! I had been admiring the below from afar for a while:

Cri de Coeur Lorena Wrap Sandal

Simply, I wasnt happy with the quality of 'Lorena'. I've had some good "vegan" shoes before that don't necessarily tout the name "vegan"....but all the same no animals were needed to make the shoe.  In fact Volatile (Very Volatile) makes some WELL made synthetic fabric shoes. The fabric used to make 'Lorena' were was very thin and didnt resemble genuine suede as it was intended. They do make some funky/stylish shoes though. Here are some more:

Cri de Coeur Shag Mid-Calf Boot
Cri De Coeur Shag Mid-Calf Boot

Cri de Coeur Possess Ankle Boot
 Cri De Coeur Possess

Cri de Coeur Ophelia Buckle Goliath Sandal 
Cri de Coeur Ophelia Buckle Goliath Sandal

Cri de Coeur Hannah Snap Bootie
Cri de Coeur  Hannah Snap Bootie

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