Saturday, May 21, 2011

Some thrift stores in the city.

So on the trip before the last trip I took to the thrift store, I had a surreal experience.  I know better than to go into any Salvation Army IN the city, but my determination to find furniture I could fall in love with kind of redirected my focus.  So as soon as i step foot into this Salvation Army, I remember why it wasn't one of my favorites. It was extra grungy with an extra whiff of odor on the side.....and with the nerve to be EXPENSIVE.  A little grunge never hurt anybody, but this store, ew.  It kind of seemed liked they were trying to get it together because I did smell Pinesol but it was still especially grungy.  And there was also a drunk man with a food cart who followed me in but he was harmless. But, being the determined woman  I am I decided to stay and look around anyway, with my hands in my pockets though. So after five minutes of browsing furniture, I decide there's nothing there worth the asking price.  I decided to look through the accessories, hands still in my pockets until I saw a purse that was rather interesting. Cute! Take my hands out my pockets, inspect the purse, drunk man who speaks NO english comes over to help me inspect it. I was still ok cause he wasn't hitting on me and spoke no English. Anyway, drunk man walks away
and then BAM! I see a rat jog across the floor that was the size of one of those toy dogs like this:

The cute purse flew into the air, I screamed and power walked my way ALL the way to my car. I was thinking if the rats on the inside are that big, there's no telling what the outside rats might try to do to me.  I didn't see anybody running behind me and nobody seemed as shook as I was, i wonder if it was a pet.

On another note, I bought some wedges from Old Navy last summer and they are comfy and so versatile.

Wore them with this fit last week:


Top- Forever 21
Jeans - Vigoss
Wedges - Old Navy

Now on to the Pour La Victoire wedges that I bought from MzFashioncloset!


LOVE them and she sent the most thoughtful and girliest note to go along with them:

They fit great, but I have to really focus on what I want to wear with them. Choices. I think I've worn out the skinnies with wedges look. I need some more wide legged pants.