Thursday, September 30, 2010

These shoes were inspiring.

 Derek Lam  Daphnee
 I cant draw but saw these shoes last night on missmeanshoe and was inspired to draw them.  Um yeah, I don't draw.  I was actually looking at these *drool* which led me to missmeanshoe which somehow? led me to necole beechie (that's how I say it).  So then i was interested to read up on the maker of the shoes that Raven Symone wore on Wendy.  They're actually not the super expensive one I thought. Who. Knew.  They're actually by a young woman named Natischa Harvey with a shoe line called Fever.  She started out in her early 20's opening shoe boutiques in Atlanta and moving on to designing her own shoes.  With no formal training, she was able to visualize and draw shoes and turn them into shoes that others were inspired by.  I was inspired by her persistence and dedication AND the fact that she has 3 little ones at home while doing all this.

I'm also working on an accordion skirt that I thrifted and just wanted to see if I could draw the process. yeah so this is what I got.  Besides that, its almost Friday and I'm so glad.