Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Exercise and Wedges.

My two favorite things to do right now.  Shout out to Fashionelites from youtube for hipping me to these.  who knew. When I got them my baby toes were SUFFERING though.  I tried that stretching them with ice idea but er um.....I don't think that worked.  Then, I lost about 20 pounds and these puppies had the nerve to fit. I'm so happy but dam.  Were my piggies that fat? Anyway, woo-hoo Billy Blanks.  Now I want that Turbo Jam BAD.  Really bad. I was working out to the infomercial last night for a good 20 minutes.  I worked up a sweat. Sure did. It actually seems REALLY similar to my billy blanks workout dvds(that I got on Ebay for the low-low).  A lot of the moves seem to be staples of boxing but I still want it. I have to say exercising has really kept my attitude sunny when things haven't been going the best.  I think I'm addicted to it actually.   Troubles just don't seem like a big deal if I've sweated it out that day.  But yeah, ZYBIA, focus. I love these wedges.  Youtuber Fashionelites hipped me to them.  I watched them online for a while. You know how you might walk past a window display, go on about your business, and then find excuses to go walk past it again?  Well I did that online for about a month. They're just so badass. And the leather is so damn soft.   Yeah, I think I'll be wearing these all the way to November.  I have so much attitude with them on.  I wonder what Zybia means though. I googled it, no dice but the name is fitting.  I feel like a Zybian queen in these. lol

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Dhalia said...

These wedges are great for the winter as can wear them with stockings or socks.


Coily Mystic said...

shoes look great. They would SUPER cute with some cargo pants.

leggsnshoes said...

@Dhalia - You know I just might. I will def make an exception for these cause the snow, cold, and ice in Chicago catch me off guard EVERY time. And I've been living here almost 20 years. every time.