Tuesday, August 31, 2010

New folk and old friends......and friends who give shoes as gifts.

man. This weekend was kind of the bomb. Hooked up with some friends from grade school. Talked about everything under the sun and had me some great convo. Hit up a cool Ru-maj sale aka a rummaging sale.  I have TOO much fun at these things but luckily it was a gang of cool folk to distract me from buying too much. I came up on these DOPE eggshell Pier-1 ceramic bowls with matching mugs.  Too cute and I'm too excited.
Buterum, yeah, I got compliments on my flat rhinestone and gem encrusted slip-ons all weekend. They were a birthday gift and lemme just say......the BUSINESS. Shot out?, shout out? to my homie Nya-don for hooking me up.  I got so many compliments on them. Only thing. A couple of the rhinestones fell out. I still wore 'em. You couldn't really tell unless i handed you my foot like "Yo. Here's my foot and shit." I was still HEATED though. But I still wore em. I've had a few of the rhinestones in my pocket for a few days but haven't had the attention span to actually  do somethin about it. I'll probably snatch a new pair up. Or DIY myself a pair.  Either way I love these. yeah:

Bamboo Moto-93

On another note, I have been on a shoe chase. Sometimes I think I have gaudy shoe tastes.  I'll just say tastefully ornamented for now. but yeah. Alot goes when it comes to me and shoes. But anyway, I had been chasing these shoes from Aldo since at least December.  Availability wasn't the problem, it was just I didn't agree with the price.  They are too stylish and I think I could have so much fun in them but it was the "principality" of the matter. I just did not think they should be marked at $90. But anyway, 8 mos. later and they're still not on sale and I'm still in love:

Aldo  Yanoco

I saw some that were really similar for a price that I was in agreement with.  I wish I could purchase both and compare and critique the comfort level, fit, and overall look on my foot. Maybe one day. I don't know what it is with me and lace shoes lately. They're just timeless to me. Okay focus:

Dorothy Perkins


StyleScrybe said...

Actually, a company called Killah is doing a leather and lace bootie for S/S 2011 (they don't lace up, but they're mucho dope), and they'll have a friendly price tag. (I Mentioned them in my FFANY recap on Shoes N Booze.) I think Aldo has forgotten its place and gotten a little too uppity... that's just me, though. Hugs & Heels!

Coily Mystic said...

I wish my family and friends would give me cute shoes as gifts, they only give me socks...:(


leggsnshoes said...

@StyleScrybe I remember when Aldo sold mainly goth, vampire lookin clunky boots. The quality is quite good but I think I'm going to stick to buying them on sale unless.......I see a pair of shoes and HAVE to have them. And i'll def check out Killah though.