Sunday, August 22, 2010

Hodge Podge of Things that are giving me LIGHT right now

When I figure out how to put a music widget on here, I'll do that. But until then I'm including my dancehall/R&B addiction in this here shoe blog.  Shoes and music were made for each other. When I'm walking in some of my favorite shoes at the moment, I hear music. Usually Reggae or House.  This is what I'm hearing at the moment:

The Pleasure Riddim Medley

On to the shoes. Yes ma'am! Yes gur'!
This whole post was going to be about ALL BLACK shoes but then I got sidetracked. Shoutout to for that. Shoutout to the post by Brownsugar and them for reminding me that summer is over. I don't want it to be over so Imma keep it summery and still look at peep toe boots,

Oh. I got some open toed wedges on my mind HARD. I gotta figure out how to freak them in the snow though. I have some heavy duty stockings that might do the trick. These babies seem winter appropriate yet African inspired.  I wish they had them in a brown or a dark clay.

All Black - Bomber in (black)

On the other hand. What is this tomfoolery?

All Black - Bomber in (brown)

I'm sure there is a woman out there who would be able to wear these teddy bear carcasses in some kind of way. But I just don't know where they get off killing teddy bears like this. Its just bogus. Oddly enough, there is one outfit these might go with. A birthday suit? There are absolutely no clothes that have been made yet that would accommodate these wedges.

Boots that I want to Boo up or just some boots that I like looking at:

Pura Lopez N531 Oxford

Pour La Victoire Lea

 Pour La Victoire Ida

Nicole Farhi Nitza

Miz Mooz Carlito

KG by Kurt Geiger Kitty

KG by Kurt Geiger Camillo

Fergie  Traffic Shootie ($129 Fergie? Really?They not even good leather Fergie. They cute though)

Due Farina  Treason

Due Farina    Marlo

Chinese Laundry   Kopin Kid

ALL BLACK   Sleek Boot

Aldo Depriest

Aldo Flomega


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I think those Pura Lopez boots are just lovely for this Fall.

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