Tuesday, August 16, 2011

mismatching matching end tables.

Previously, I blogged about buying a set of end tables at Salvation for $30. and I'm thinking of all this great stuff I'm going to do to the tables. this is a pic of how they looked before. They had some deep scratches and the wood seems to be soft, sturdy but soft enough to scratch with the slightest poke.

After sanding one, I began to apply some paint. I know I wanted the paint to go on like it would in a painting, not totally even. Then I kept painting.


This is what I got. It's olive green mixed in with a firetruck red. See those crevices? I'm still sanding them by hand. I will never sand anything in my life again....I don't think.

So that brings me to my naked table. With this one, Imma just leave it blank, put some clear varnish? polish? on it and leave the corners as is to give it a "seasoned" look. I actually like the end table better naked.  One is going in the bed room and one is staying in the living area.


These chairs are next up in the artsy fartsy line. They came presanded(just how I like my wood, naked!) from a garage sale. I got the set of five for $40 from a married couple with a set of toddlers. She didn't have time to finish them.  Since i've bought them, I've taken the old seat covering off. Next I need to do some research on how to tighten some of the joints. Two of the chairs are a little wobbly. So work in progress.

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