Saturday, August 27, 2011

off season shopping

In the previous post I forgot to put the name of the shoe: Pelle Moda Ponder And they're on sale too. Great quality shoe for that price. After the swimsuit review below. More off season shoe reviews.
Anywho, this is the best time to buy a swimsuit so I bought one. This one:

Insight - Sooty One Piece

DSCN3124Sooty One Piece by Insight
I would of definitely double featured this swimpiece as a bustier under a blazer this winter as well as a swimsuit in the summer but its runs TOO SMALL. The gold flecks are just as interesting in person, but the bust area is just inadequate. If you have normal boobs, this swimsuit is not. for. you!  The model makes it look like its more than enough space for boobs. Keyword: model. Well, I fell for it and have to return it.  This is a gorgeous swimsuit in person though, with all the girlie sparklies its hurting me that I have to return it but the cups run kind of tiny. Not small but TINY.  Think European sized shoes only in bra sizes.  Also, the website I purchased it from represented it as a numbered size but it came in small/med/large. boo. You win some and lose some and learn a lesson every time, I guess.
Tavik - BelladonnaTavik - Belladona
This is one I considered briefly. I think this one is just fun to look at and constructed for those who don't like carbs. Not me. Love looking at it though.

Tavik - Tate onepieceTavik - Tate
I REALLY liked this one. Its sexy and modest smooshed together.  This one is more my style but I tend to gravitate towards colors, hence me buying the wrong swimsuit. Eventhough  this one is a little more forgiving, I do have concerns about the sizing.

Overall, Ive noticed that Tavik and Insight have some really cute swimsuits on sale right now all over the internet right around NOW.  I can tell both brands seem to target the thinner and taller woman with the way the sizing runs.

 I've been stalking the first three shoes below for a while and then Amazon had a crazy sale on Daniblack shoes. This is a shoe brand I really enjoy stalking. Reasonable prices for the quality and styling.  They have some funky styles that do follow the current trends but are designed in a quirky way that give a different take on the trend and are able to exist outside of the trend.

daniblack TaniDaniBlack - Tani

daniblack DuffDaniBlack - Duff

daniblack DannenDaniBlack - Dannen

DSCN3126Me in Tani, my favorite


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