Saturday, September 24, 2011

My computer is down

I got hit with the blue screen and I just want my bookmarks back. Three years worth of memories, shoes, accessories, travel blogs, music blogs. Without my links, I feel disconnected. 2011-09-21_01-35-18_151.jpg And here are the last pics of my summer long salvation army end table experiment. I mismatched them and painted the other one. Still working on that one. Not really crazy about it yet. But this one, I love. After the infinite scratches and shellac were sanded off, it now looks like an antique...worn to perfection. The curtains/hooks are courtesy of target's clearance shower and bath department 2011-09-17_18-43-27_414.jpg 2011-09-17_18-42-29_494.jpg Here it is before: 055 And lastly, winter boots/summer dress mix. Ill post my winter favorites when I get an operating computer again. These boots are Very Volatile from last year(shoot, the year before the year before even). They look dam good with the summer dress though...that happens to be Jessica Simpson. CoughSALEcough. Her dresses are my new favorite. These badboys fit perfectly and the quality(I.e. the lining throughout and textured fabric) I would throw on a sweater to make me seasonally relevant. Or with this pleather jacket.: DSCN1374 2011-09-21_14-59-32_127.jpg 2011-09-21_15-12-36_359.jpg Here's the boot: 41u0tTsTccL._SS440_.jpg


Spitting Glitter said...

nooooo! not the infamous blue screen
Silly Technology!


agnes said...

très jolies photos,et j'adore tes bottes et ta robe est magnifique

rk said...

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Priya Kundu said...

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