Monday, June 13, 2011

slowly. surely.

I keep finding furniture. But not the pieces of furniture that I need. I really don't want to keep sanding and painting but these pieces of furniture keep happening to me.
when I bought this was 3 bucks and brown and scratched.  Now its sanded and red:


Still working on the end tables I bought. With all the cracks and crevices, this is getting TIRING. Now I know why normal people buy new furniture:


Then I bought a set of antique chairs. No pics until I make some progress on them. The lady I bought them from though did most of the sanding :) But they need recovering still, she didn't get to that part. they currently look like chairs from Edith Bunker's house.

Ate Logo, everybody

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Miss Dre said...

That red table is too cute. I need to start looking into revamping old furniture. I'm inspired :)