Monday, June 13, 2011

35 minutes.

 I had about 35 minutes and hit a garage sale and an estate sale. Didn't find much at the garage sale.  I'm learning to just drive by slowly and keep going if I can't eyeball what I'm looking for...unless they have cute clothes sitting on the curb.  If I don't do drive bys, I'll spend money aimlessly.  I should be able to see it, especially if its as big as a table.  Found these earrings for .25 a pair at my lunch break estate sale. It was also this gorgeous and regal looking armoir that was asking to go home with me.  It was $10!  Something comparably as large and in 1/2 as good condition is usually 40-60 at the the thrift stores these days. But I think that armoir weighed more than my car My car goes meep meep and said no, Boo.



It always makes me a little melancholy when I go to a small mom n' pop estate sale and the children (who are usually elderly) have packed up their parents house and are clearing and selling everything that belonged to their parent(s).  I always think about my grandparents. These whipper snappers seemed happy to move on though.  On another note, they tore this house down a few doors down out of the blue. Confused the heck out of me......but there is a wood fence door with the hinges hanging off of it that is calling my name.  If I see the guys working over there again, I'm going to ask for it. I've walked past it at least 5 times already.  I think I've met my table.

Wore my Dorothy Perkins wedges today. Its still nippy here. I'm not wearing closed toed shoes until the end of September though. 



Old Navy Sweater
? Top
Gap Jeans
Dorothy Perkins Wedges
H&M Belt


Nic said...

i like the items you found; i love going to garage/estate/yard sales. i always find something good :-)



Great earrings. Yeah I know what you mean I could NEVER sell my grandparents or parents things. That is just sad! Love your new wedges they are super cute! kiah