Saturday, May 21, 2011

Some thrift stores in the city.

So on the trip before the last trip I took to the thrift store, I had a surreal experience.  I know better than to go into any Salvation Army IN the city, but my determination to find furniture I could fall in love with kind of redirected my focus.  So as soon as i step foot into this Salvation Army, I remember why it wasn't one of my favorites. It was extra grungy with an extra whiff of odor on the side.....and with the nerve to be EXPENSIVE.  A little grunge never hurt anybody, but this store, ew.  It kind of seemed liked they were trying to get it together because I did smell Pinesol but it was still especially grungy.  And there was also a drunk man with a food cart who followed me in but he was harmless. But, being the determined woman  I am I decided to stay and look around anyway, with my hands in my pockets though. So after five minutes of browsing furniture, I decide there's nothing there worth the asking price.  I decided to look through the accessories, hands still in my pockets until I saw a purse that was rather interesting. Cute! Take my hands out my pockets, inspect the purse, drunk man who speaks NO english comes over to help me inspect it. I was still ok cause he wasn't hitting on me and spoke no English. Anyway, drunk man walks away
and then BAM! I see a rat jog across the floor that was the size of one of those toy dogs like this:

The cute purse flew into the air, I screamed and power walked my way ALL the way to my car. I was thinking if the rats on the inside are that big, there's no telling what the outside rats might try to do to me.  I didn't see anybody running behind me and nobody seemed as shook as I was, i wonder if it was a pet.

On another note, I bought some wedges from Old Navy last summer and they are comfy and so versatile.

Wore them with this fit last week:


Top- Forever 21
Jeans - Vigoss
Wedges - Old Navy

Now on to the Pour La Victoire wedges that I bought from MzFashioncloset!


LOVE them and she sent the most thoughtful and girliest note to go along with them:

They fit great, but I have to really focus on what I want to wear with them. Choices. I think I've worn out the skinnies with wedges look. I need some more wide legged pants.



OMG!! BWUAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!! LOL....LOL...LOL!!! I am rolling about your Salvation Army experience! WOW! That is crazy. Girl let me see a dog on rat...I'm gone high tail it outta there like Flo Jo!! lol Just FYI..I NEVER thrift at the army! They are way too over priced! I saw a dresser in there for $300 one time. I was like are you kidding me! I can go to IKEA and get one brand spankin new. I love both pairs of wedges. I would never think a wedge with a wide leg jean is super cute! Kiah


I meant I would have never thought of a wedge with a wide leg jean. I bet that would be super cute! btw - thanks for your sweet comments. Kiah

Mama Violet said...

I shall remember that story every time I go into a Salvation Army. I've known SA to be extra grimy but I've had good luck. Ewwwww.

legsnshoes said...

@kiah. I'm learning that they're learning that thrift stores are popular and have in general marked up their prices. When I first started thrifting the prices weren't like this. Goodwill is also kind of over priced to me too. Momnpop/estate sales and storage auctions seem to still be affordable with good stuff stuff

Femmes With Benefits said...

UGH. We have NO boutiques here where I go to school, so it's posts like this that allow me to live vicariously. I LOVE your buys, very flattering. And the detail on the back of that wedge! Beautiful!!

Kimberly, FWB

agnes said...

oh la la j'adore tes chaussures, elles sont superbes.
Très jolie tenue, et très jolies photos

Cookie said...

last pictire is amazing!

NyaRichii said...

Umm how you gon hold out on the pour la victoire's like that! U hidin all the goodies from a playa!

ChicBrie said...

Ok the shoes are beautiful! Love your blog!