Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Look what I did

My heavyhandedness has struck again. Yeah, Imma have to work on that.

This is my laptop:

This is my laptop the day before I smashed it. Don't I look happay:

I was repositioning the mirror when it fell.  Crazy part about it is that I didn't even noticed that it made contact. I thought I had a virus as I had just downloaded some stuff.  And what's even CRAZIER is that it still works, its just the screen that's busted.  I can still hook it up to a freestanding screen and access my info n thangs.  I do have access to a fully operable computer, its just not mine that I have access to so I'm kinda bummed about that. But hey........
In the meantime I've discovered the world of twitter and am overwhelmed.  In a good way..... I think.  I knew addictions to Twitter existed but I just didn't get the hype until I downloaded a twitapp to my phone. Now I believe and am trying to use it for good n shit.


Dhalia said...

I need a new PC...mines is running old. :-(

My wishlist/needlist keeps growing.


legsnshoes said...

@Dhalia. YES! I need new electronic everything