Wednesday, October 27, 2010


This post will not be about how I missed 'The Good Wife' last night. Not cool. Nor will it be about how I discovered a new drink with Vodka in it called the "Lemon Drop" and how much I love Stolitch;wknaya (is that how ya spell it?). It will not be about how I need to have my face in a book right now and on a different website taking a practice test at this very moment.  Hey I figure if I'm blogging I'm practicing the art of English...right? I think that's procrastinator think. But this post WILL be about how the batteries keep falling out of the bottom of my camera. I would take a pic, but the batteries might fall out. *slaps knee* I love my camera buterum there is now postal tape holding batteries in right now.

Waittaminute. Can you hear THAT?

That's the sound of tape slowly curling off of the bottom of my camera and the dam batteries dropping on the floor! No camera will be bought anytime soon, this dang on camera is new. This is gonna work! And did I say I love my camera? Its just my speed and small.  What I will buy is some good strong sturdy construction grade tape though. The kind they make houses with. Drywall tape or somechit. Excuse my language I'm kind of grrrrrr.  *SCREWFACE*



Dorothy Perkins Jewel?


I did take pics of a fit though. I am so glad that SWEATS are in style. I know there are men around the world are PISSSED. That's pisssed with 3 S's.  I had a ex that liked his woman in sweats. I have to say he was kind of a weirdo though. ANYWAY.
This outfit.  If you look really close at my favorite sweats, you will be able to see the standard hole that will develop after years of wear and washing. YESH! The top here is a Frech Connect dress that I bought, umerahwellum, too small. They only had the size below my size and I just had to get it.  I was being a tad bit ambitious at the time thinking about all of the weight I was losing/lost/will lose in the future and ordered it anyway.  Well, it works as a top. As a dress it looks like my cookies might be for sale.......and not the kind you bake.  I dont mind looking like the cookie lady when it comes to shoes though, let me be clear  :)  Skankish shoes can almost always be turned into foot art or given a taste of meekness.

I was going to wear the top with the skirt that's balled up in the background, but it just wasn't doing me. And I was on straight chill mode that day.  Anyway, the wedges are my new favorites at the moment. They are com. feeeeeee. Two words. Dorothy Perkins.  All the Aldo wedges I have and none of them are as comfy as these. I don't know what to say. Oh, they have a canvas lining that goes so well  with the shoe. Now I'm in search of a canvas wedge or heel cause I liked the look so much. I'm rambling now so I will stop typing.  now.


Tonya P said...

What's up lovely!!!. You commented on my blog (prettyshoesandtattoos), and I am so happy as I love love love your blog, so it's nice to know that your are visiting mine as well. Girl, those green boots I got from downtown LA at some store I don't remember the name of, so I "????" them on my blog. And my sequin pillow, honey, T J MAXX. YEP. Check it out, maybe they have some out there in Chi town. BTW, Love the wedges!! are they blue or black? love em regardless, just curious.

Confessions of A Confused City Girl said...

Love the boots


legsnshoes said...

@Tonya - The wedges are black, I think it was just the lighting that gave them a blueblack look.

agnes said...

j'adore tes chaussures, elles sont magnifiques

legsnshoes said...

@Agnes I think you said I adore your shoes, I think they're magnificent. I love French.