Saturday, September 25, 2010

A fish fry on a Saturday?

I though fish fry's were traditionally a Friday event.  Well, either way, I heard somebody's momma is a cooking phenomenon and I'm about to get my GRUB ON.  I'm about to be a fish eating fool right after I get through typing this........after I decide what earrings I'm gonna put on and hit up Target right quick. I don't eat meat, seafood is gospel to me.  Oh, how I love thee.  Here's my fish fry outfit. Watch these people just have pork and chicken left......I need to hurry up. Anyway, this is my Saturday fish fry outfit:

without shrug:

fit with shrug:

and the shoes:

Boutique 9 Uziri


Dhalia said...

Ok I want your wedges...hand them over!! lol

leggsnshoes said...

@ Dhalia. Totally forgot to post the shoe info! Updating now.