Sunday, July 17, 2011

the feeling

........of winning cute shoes on Ebay? priceless. The feeling of receiving  said shoes won on ebay in nearly new condition for a great price? *Patti LaBelle Wings*  I had given up on looking for deals on ebay for good quality shoes in good/nearly new condition. A lot of the times the same good quality shoes I'm stalking on ebay are overpriced  and can be purchased either in store or on a website where the condition is guaranteed. But when ebay works for me it WORKS....especially if the shoes are out of stock.
 Sergio Zelcer Cece ( I used to have a neighbor-friend named Cece)
I stalked these sandals and it just shows that sometimes stalking really does pay off :) But most times it doesn't though. Remember that second part!

I had the strong urge to make tortilla chips yesterday. Probably because my homie was making Tacos and I bought some homemade tortillas and salsa from a nice lady at work. BOMB.  Her husband makes the best chips and salsa and I wanted to see if I could do it too. All I had was some garlic salt though. Next time I'm gonna play with it and add my CAJUN!! seasoning instead. So, off topic, there's a grocery store around here that sells its own cajun seasoning that made me call my mother to ask her if I could slap her.  She said no. But the cajun seasoning is still good!
Back on topic: I did a pretty good job. But to be honest, its kind of hard messing up frying. And I only fry once in a blueish taupish, maroonish moon. You ever read the fat calories on an olive oil bottle? Its kind of scandalous. But they were gooooood.





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