Sunday, March 27, 2011

velvet goes with everything,

This week, it does. My velvet was so nice, had to wear it twice in one week.
To work:
Dorothy Perkins dress
 Enzo Boots
Thrifted Velvet Blazer
And a coupla scarves
I got a chance to go to a Teedra Moses Concert! I have been anticipating her return to Chicago for a long time, so it was heaven to hear homegirl sing. Love her.
Now, leggings or jeans? This wind is no punk right now, so I just went with the jeans. I am usually not an advocate for wearing leggings as bottoms, but the one night I just felt like getting my Gaga on and going bottomless the wind wouldn't let me. So jeans it was. And I'm a sucker for having only 1 or 2 pairs of heels that strike my fancy and WEARING them until they have to be resoled. So, the boots are my usual Very Volatile. The skirt I wore as a top? Yeah, I did it. To be honest I'm not really a fan of skirts. Dresses, YES. Skirts, enhhh most times. But this is my favorite skirt. HA.
Chan Luu skirt
H&M leather belt
Old Navy legging jeans
Hat from Carsons
Very Volatile boots with wood heel
And my infamous thrifted blazer
023Yay Teedra!


Manecoarse said...

Oh, Iove the hat, skirt as top, belt, leggings combo. Adorable. H&M has some of the best accessories.

legsnshoes said...

Thank ya. and I have been living in H&M lately

NyaRichii said...

I love love love that blazer! Oh and that is a really nice pic too!

taio said...


Juanette said...

Yep, great look, I loves that hat!