Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I don't work for Carson Pirie Scott

...and am not associated with them in any way butterumahhh they always have the best sales. Any store that has 80% off, Imma give a shoutout.  And also I'm starting to find that retail prices for clothes at some stores are starting to be competitive with thrifted clothing.  Unless the dress, shoe, accessory, etc is a complete one of a kind, I would definitely buy it or something comparable new.  This isn't the case all the time, of course.  The thrift store will always have my heart but I'm finding if you catch a store in the right time of the season and on the right day, you could find some good stuff for the lowlow.  And let it be known that I also believe that "just because its on sale, doesn't mean its cute" Lets def. put that out there.
Anyway, I pulled out about 11 dresses to try on and literally snatched three. You ever been shopping in your size and its somebody EXACTLY your size shopping beside you looking at everything you pick out?  Well it was this short lady I had to size up really quick to make sure her paws weren't touching anything I  hadn't selected, inspected, and rejected yet.  I change into a different person while shopping.  That's why I can't stand Christmas time shopping.  Anyway, two dresses were semi formal and one was casual(my usual style).  And let me just say that Jessica Simpson is after my heart.  Me and her still have some issues to work out regarding her jewelry line and some of her clothes too, but I find myself picking out pieces from her more and more now.






go-go boots are Enzo Angiolini from a previous post.


Sing said...

That first dress is so cute, love the cut.

Manecoarse said...

I love the sweater dress with the cardi combo and the boots. Adorable!!!!

Fashion Me Chic said...

Love the dress you are wearing on the firt picture.

livingwiththepatricks said...

Jessica made the first dress? That definitely looks african inspired