Wednesday, February 16, 2011

My outfit in pieces.

I'm posting this outfit in pieces today.  I had to get a tad bit creative to keep my laid back outfit a tad bit interesting.  The silk scarf is a remnant piece of a poncho from about 2005.  Remember when ponchos were in high gear?  I had about five in my repertoire. I still have 3, but two of those ponchos are currently multi-purpose scarves.  This is one of them, bowed and hanged.



Utility skinnies are Old navy again, sweater Old navy and top is Forever.  And these boots are a favorite of mine and I continually get compliments on them.  The color is what's most attractive about them to me.  They have a skin tone yellow leather look. I kind of want to know what they would look like wedged to give me at least 3 more inches, but they actually work very well with winter conditions here while maintaining some cuteness about the foot area.  If Volatile starts making cute shoes consistently, I might have to invest in stock.


On another note, 59 degrees on Thursday! in Chicago? IN FEBRUARY? I think I might actually do the speed limit tomorrow in honor of the tropical like weather.


Manecoarse said...

I love your hair. Very classy.

legsnshoes said...

Thank ya ma'am

agnes said...

très jolies photos, et j'adore tes bottes

Juanette said...

I like those boots as well, the color is phenom!