Friday, January 21, 2011

yay. football.

That was sarcasm.  Can't say that I enjoy watching football too all.  But what I do think is exciting about football is the commentary before, after, and during 1/2 time.....also cocktails. Hello.  But on a serious note, I have been fixated on men's  hairpieces.  Football commentators have some of the best toupees in the TV business next to news anchors and weather men.  They beg to be touched, prodded, and inspected....and stared at sometimes. 
Women's weaves aren't as interesting as toupees because I have weaves figured out for the most part.  Still trying to figure out the art of a good lacefront wig though.  Anyway!  Hair weave quality, skill and technique of the hair stylist are usually easy for me to look at and determine what look the weaver wearer was going for. Toupees are fascinating to me because with all of the advancements in hair weave technology, the men have don't have comparable access to quality hair pieces. 

If anything, I'm a hair weave weave fan. And the below pics are evidence:

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NyaRichii said...

You too bogus for this shawty!