Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year World.



Had a pineapple and ? martini to bring in the new year with a homie. If anyone can eyeball this glass and remind me what kind of martini this is, I'd totally appreciate it. We had a good time.
 Had been craving cheese and bread for a little while so I made it happen.  Had some pizza and hooved it to Navy Pier.  It was FIFTY degrees in January so I figured why not. I needed to walk off some of this anyhow:



Chicago is so beautiful when the weather is agreeable!  I mean really.

Check out the layers.
The highlight of my outfit is under all of the coats I have on.
BAM! Just wore it with a fitted T and some wedge boots and kept it moving. 

Old etsy purchase.



Coily Mystic said...

chicago looks so festive and winter-like!!!!!! :)


NyaRichii said...

I wanna eat that pizza like RITE NOW!

Juanette said...

omg that pizza looks SOOOOO good, love your necklace as well...

TiMod'Elle said...

this necklace is so