Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Interview uniform.

So I had an interview today and I'm crossing my fingers. This is what I wore......and have worn for a few interviews in the past.  As long as I don't see the same people twice in a short span of time I'm all for repeating outfits.  Sometimes I'll change the outfit up a little bit and sometimes I won't. I hadn't worn this boot dress combo in some months so its not really a repeat....but it is.  Can you tell how many layers I have on, too?  The dress, dress jacket, my new pleather, and corduroy jacket.


 And on to the boots. I bought these maybe 3 seasons ago? I know it was hot outside. Had to snatch em up cause they are too versatile and WICKED.


Corduroy military jacket: Salvation Army
Pleather zip jacket:  H&M
Dress: New York & Co.
Boots: Enzo Angiolinini
Scarf: New York & Co.

And here's a pic of the full moon I took about a week ago. No clouds in the sky, so I figured why not.  Very random but I'm dying for some good subject matter to photo.....full moons are interesting.  And I was testing out a setting on my camera.


Dhalia said...

fingers crossed for you. ;-)


Tonya P said...

Happy job hunting!!!. Love the hell outta those boots. The print on the dress is great too

legsnshoes said...

Thank Ya Ma'amses. Really appreciate it.

NyaRichii said...

OMG those boots are sooo you! I love the dress on you!

Sing said...

I adore this outfit, so stylish.