Thursday, May 20, 2010


This blog is going to be about random things about moisay for now but for the most part I love shoes and that's what Im mo be tawkin bout. Anyway, here's me and on occasion I have a tendency to smile.

This is my first time trying the wing thing. To be honest up close it looked kind of suspect. But I think I kinda like it. Thanks to youtubers xxTheIslandBeautyxx and FashionElites for inspiration. I watched countless youtube makeup vids to kind of get a feel for what I wanted. Hopefully I can recreate this with some other colors when I go out. yay!

And lemme just say these are my new FAVORITE earrings. GRWAOW.

I was debating on whether to say where I got them from cuz sometimes I don't like blowin up my spots but EVERYBODY knows about Charlotte Russe. I used to not like Charlotte Russe AT ALL. I always thought their prices were inflated for what they were offering......and then I discovered their shoes. I think I can only wear their sandals though, my feet are wide. ANYWAY. Back to these earrings. $4 and I don't think Ive felt this way about a pair of earrings in a while. I've had em for about a month or so and I just noticed when i was taking these pics that those are hearts on the panther's forehead. who knew. Or do I need glasses? All I know is I had to talk myself out of wearing these the other day cause they just weren't conducive to my ensemble. Oh, and don't know if you can tell from the picture but I have mini lobes and these are perfect. I lub them.

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